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We offer these Static QR Codes that are completely for free and will never expire.
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What is a QR code, and are they safe?

According to Statista, up to 11 million households in the United States alone scanned a QR code in 2020. This number is a massive increase from the 9.76 million scans recorded in 2018. Today, we are all familiar with the black and white square-shaped design of a QR code. The increased penetration of smart mobile devices and access to high-speed internet has led to an increase in QR codes' adoption, especially in marketing. That’s the major reason we see it almost every day and everywhere, whether for ads, shopping, movies, etc.

What is a QR code?

QR is an abbreviation for “quick response,” which helps people to get instant access to URLs and other information embedded in the encryption when it is scammed. A QR code is a form of a barcode that a digital device can easily read. It stores information in a series of pixels in a square-shaped box. QR codes are often used to track information about products in the supply chain. And since most smartphones come with in-built QR readers, they are frequently used in advertising and marketing campaigns.

How do QR codes work?

The pattern in a QR code represents binary codes that can be interpreted by digital devices to reveal the information in the code. First, a QR reader identifies a QR code through the three large squares outside the code. As soon as it identifies the three shapes, it can tell that everything within the square is a QR code. The QR reader goes ahead to analyze the encryption by breaking the entire thing down to a grid. It tracks the individual grid squares and assigns value to each one depending on whether it is white or black. It then arranges grid squares to form larger patterns. It does all of this in less than a second.

How to create a QR code

Creating a QR code is pretty simple. And here’s how to start.

• Choose a QR code generator: While there are numerous QR code generators, the best ones will offer you many options for using a QR code, and they must be compatible with most mobile QR code readers.
• Decide on the type of content you want to promote: You have to choose the type of content you want to show whoever scans your QR code. For instance, you can use your URL to direct people to your podcast.
• Enter your information in the form provided: After deciding on what to promote, you’ll have to fill out the data that matches your campaign.
• Download a dynamic QR code: This will allow you to edit your data even after printing your QR code.
• Customize your QR code: The interesting part about creating a QR code is that you can customize it to your brand.
• Test your QR code to be certain it scans: When testing, ensure to try more than one reader because some mobile apps find it difficult to read customized QR codes.
• Share the QR code: You can display it on social media, on clothing, in ads, or in physical locations where people can scan it with their mobile devices.

Scan a QR code

You can scan a QR code with your smartphone’s camera, whether Android or iOS. All you have to do is ensure that your camera sees the four sides of the square-shaped grid. However, if you tried and it doesn’t work, it could be due to one of the QR code scanning problems. And a simple troubleshoot can help.