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Our free remove background tool saves the day when you quickly need to cut out a person or object to paste into another picture, or to remove the background from a photo.

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There are approximately 20 million more interesting activities than removing backgrounds by hand. Thanks to our clever AI, you can slash editing time - and have more fun! Just select your image and instantly download the result image with the background removed.
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What is transparent image?

A transparent image is an image that has no background and is able to take the effect of whatsoever effect behind it.

When or why would you need a transparent image?

You typically need a transparent image when you want to use it on many images and don’t want it to clash with the color of the image you want to use it on. A good example is a logo. If you have a logo you want to use on top of an image or on a colored background, removing the logo’s initial background, leaving it transparent will do the trick, making it match any image or colored background you decide to put it on.

What is background remove

Background removal or background knockout simply means a method of image editing that involves removing the background of a picture in order to erase the items that are unwanted out of the picture.

Why would you need a background remove?

You can need a background remove for a couple of reasons, some of which are;

• Background remove can help filter out unwanted images from a picture.
• It can as well help you maintain the central image of focus in a picture by removing the images in the background that stands out too much than the main image.
• It makes the edited (transparent) image compatible with any secondary image or background that it is to be placed on.
• In order to save time, energy and ultimately money.
• To sharpen the look of the image.
• To remove other objects or image in the background that steals the central of focus from the intended image that is supposed to be the central image of focus.
• For the sake of continued use for numerous purposes with an infinite number of other secondary image as well as background.

What are the benefits of removing an images background?

• It makes the image a lot more compatible with any other shipped background or secondary image that is to be used as a background.
• It increases the sharpness of the image.
• It makes the image stand out due to knocked out background.
• It makes the image a lot more easy to use for a lot of other purposes, especially related to companies and the need to use the same icon, logo or image on different backgrounds for various purposes.
• It increases your productivity.
• It helps saves time, energy and a lot of money as it becomes reusable with any other background or shipped image.
• It gives images an incredible appearance which makes them easy to handle many images on the portal.
• In cases where the image looks blurred or shaky, removing the background can fix the blurry or shaky resolution of the image.
• It adds value to the picture.
• It makes the image or logo look more relevant and authentic.
• Background remove is used for commercial purpose by companies.

Which tools can you use for background remove?

There are tons of background-removing tools out there, and we’ve selected the best for effectiveness and simplicity.


With VistaCreate’s free background remover, you can remove the background from images in just a few seconds. There is no need to waste your time doing it manually. Try VistaCreate’s background removal feature and give a new look to your visuals.


RADAAR is a free background-removing tool that saves so a lot of time, especially when you want to cut out a person or object from a picture. It also allows you to paste images into another picture, or to completely remove the background from a photo.

LEARN MORE for Windows/Mac/Linux makes use of the API, so you need an active Internet connection and an API key.


Adobe is one of the most popular photo editing tools also used for removing background seamlessly.



Clippingmagic is one of the few background removal editors out there effortlessly combines automatic AI with smart remove, keep, hair tools, along with a scalp for precise cuts. It offers complete control.


Slazzer uses AI computer vision algorithm to detect foreground pixels and separate them from the background pixels.