Collaborate with your team in one place...

Use flexible Kanban boards to plan, organize, and manage your team's tasks so everyone knows who's doing what.
Collaborate with your team in one place...

Boards, lists and cards...

Use Kanban boards, lists, and cards to visually manage your projects and tasks.

Stay on the same page...

Empower your team to plan projects, coordinate work, and hit their goals. Give them full visibility into what's next so all your team members stay on the same page.

Frequently Asked Questions

Visualize your tasks, see how busy your colleagues are, and reach your goals.
Kanban is one of the simplest frameworks used as it allows project managers to efficiently manage and keep track of their projects. Kanban enables teams and organizations to visualize their work and defeat bottlenecks, waste, and chaos.
Certainly! Personal Kanban is recommended for those who want to be more organized with managing personal tasks, projects, and goals.
Yes, the beauty of Kanban is its flexibility. You are free to add tasks at any time.
No. Open as many team boards, lists, and cards as your team needs; there are no limits. Learn more.
A well-designed Kanban board can consolidate all the information from disparate tools, helping you save time, stay focused, and get more done. Kanban boards are meant to be tailored to your team's unique process and can evolve with your team as it matures.
Because Kanban started with the manufacturing industry, it might be difficult for some people to visualize how it would work for their business. However, there are no set rules on what types of businesses can use it. Today, Kanban is used as a project management tool in various industries and businesses including software development, marketing, hospitals, retail, and finance.
Three key components are used in Kanban: boards, lists, and cards. Boards represent a whole project, lists represent stages of a process, and cards represent single tasks.
Yes, the task manager feature is free for all users. Learn more.