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We tried one of the social media management tools, Buffer, and we prepared a comparison with one of the brand-new social media management platforms, RADAAR.

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Social media management takes an important place for many people and brands. Because nowadays, activeness on social media networks is as essential as having different social media channels. If you're reading this, most probably you experienced social media management and know that it is time-consuming. Why juggle different tools for publishing, replying, and analyzing when you can use a single platform that helps you balance it all? And not only analyzing, replying, and publishing, you should also need to follow your brand awareness and interaction between you and your followers.

There are many aspects to manage one channel, and you imagine you should have to do all of this for more than one channel. Yeah, it sounds challenging. But no worries, you are here because you are looking for something to make all of this easier for you or your team.

We tried one of the social media management tools, Buffer, and we prepared a comparison with one of the brand-new social media management platforms, RADAAR.

Available for everyone!

Buffer was founded in Birmingham, United Kingdom, in October 2010. Buffer is a software designed to manage social network accounts by allowing users to schedule posts. You can select the free plan, but it has limitations for the number of users and features. The pricing might be available for everyone, but the critical point is its features and integration.

For every kind of business!

RADAAR was founded in 2019. You can schedule content for your accounts, view all messages in one place, and do a variety of other things to make your life easier. It's a young and brand-new platform, but it's solid and promising. RADAAR is appropriate for individuals, startups, and businesses of all sizes and unlike Buffer, you don’t have to pay extra for each feature or integration.

Ensure that your brand is visible!

If you own a business, you must ensure that your brand is visible on multiple social media platforms. As a result, choosing a social media management tool that supports more channels is critical, as this will benefit you more.
Facebook (Page)
Facebook (Group)
Instagram (Business)
Twitter (User)
LinkedIn (Organization)
LinkedIn (Person)
TikTok (User)
Pinterest (Board)
Vimeo (User)
YouTube (Channel)Soon
Google (My Business)Soon
Google (Search)
Webhook (Outgoing)
WordPress (Site)Soon
Twilio (WhatsApp Business)
Twilio (SMS)
Telegram (Bot)

Streamline your social media management!

A feature is defined as functionality that simplifies your work while improving performance or results. RADAAR and Buffer have an abundance of features. It is more advantageous if the features help you save time. As a result, you can focus on creating new and effective social media strategies for your clients or brands. RADAAR focus on efficiency in work. As a result, RADAAR created features to streamline your workflow and save you time, and it is constantly developing new ones.
Social Media Scheduler
- Customizable Calendar
- Best Time To Post
- Special Days Calendar
- Hashtag Manager
- Bulk (CSV) Import
- Chain Comments
- Spintax
Social Inbox
- Quick Replies
- Google Translate
- Winner Picker
Social Monitoring
- Customizable Reports
URL Shortener3. Parti
- Custom Domain
- Link In Bio
- QR Code Generator
Landing Pages
Password Vault
Task Manager
Team Collaboration
Multiple Subscription
Mobile AppiOS, AndroidiOS, Android, Huawei

A more efficient way of working!

Integrations are becoming essential in order to increase productivity. A more integrated workflow means a more efficient way of working. Many integrations on Buffer are available as 3rd party. To put it another way, you must install it one by one to use it, which takes time. However, RADAAR makes it easier for everyone. After creating your account, you can immediately begin using whichever integration you require.
Canva3rd Party
Google Drive
Microsoft OneDrive3rd Party
Google Translate
Google NLPSoon

Most affordable social media management platform!

It is critical to consider the power and feature set of a social media management platform. However, that it be affordable. Nobody wants to spend money on products that do not meet their needs. When we look at Buffer, it feels like we bought a product from the best-known brand in the market (you know who) and paying extra fees for everything and then it cost more money than we bought.
Subscription PlanEssentialsPremium
Social Media Profiles110
- Additional$6/mo$3/mo
Social Media Scheduler
Social Inbox
Social Monitoring
URL Shortener
Password Vault
Task Manager
- Additional$6/mo$2/mo
Trail Period14 Days14 days
Credit Card Required
Multiple Subscription

Reachable and responsive!

It would be best if you considered customer support when choosing a social media management platform. If you require assistance, you must obtain it as soon as possible. That's why a support team must be reachable and responsive.

You can get help by sending an e-mail to the support team of Buffer. They also offer help by contacting them via social media, which are Facebook and Twitter.

RADAAR's support team can be reached via e-mail. RADAAR also has a sizable Facebook community. You can join the community group, share your questions or experiences with other users and read about and learn from other people's experiences.

Finally, they have an excellent knowledge base where you can find most of the answers to your questions. If you don't like reading, you can watch RADAAR's tutorial videos instead.

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Manage all your social media accounts in one place!

Whether you're a boutique agency or enterprise-level business, RADAAR helps you manage your social media channels effectively and efficiently from a single platform.

Have questions about Buffer?

Read answers to frequently asked questions to help you make your choice...
Buffer is a platform where you can manage different social media channels.
You need to first create an account and then connect your social media profiles to Buffer.
Buffer offers a free plan, but many features and integration are not allowed to use in that plan. The second plan starts with $6, and depending on your needs; the pricing is changing.
You can manage to schedule posts for each social media account and view the direct messages you receive and create reports based on the social media channel.
Buffer supports Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Shopify.
Free trial period ends in 14-days.