An efficient alternative to Hootsuite!

In this article, we will compare Hootsuite, which became a dinosaur of social media management platforms and RADAAR.

Are you looking for the best Hootsuite alternative?

In this article, we will compare Hootsuite, which became a dinosaur of social media management platforms and RADAAR.
Social media, which takes place in our lives at a level that cannot be ignored today, has now started to be very important for many people and brands. At this point, we all know that the management of content creation and social media is critical and time-consuming. Besides that, you need to manage different aspects such as messages, comments, reviews because the interaction between you and your followers is as important as content. If you don't have the right tools to manage all of these, doing all the work manually, we just say, wow!

No worries if you're facing problems while doing all these by yourself or manually. You are so lucky that many different platforms now help people enhance social management performance and make work easy.

Social media management tools are software that marketers use to monitor better and manage their social media channels. They frequently assist marketers in more efficiently planning, drafting, and scheduling content. There are lots of social media management platforms depending on your needs. RADAAR is a new-brand, young yet powerful social media management platform in the market.

In this article, we will compare Hootsuite, which became a dinosaur of social media management platforms and RADAAR.

More suitable for enterprises!

In 2008, Ryan Holmes started building the idea for Hootsuite in Vancouver, Canada. Since then, it has had 18 million customers and employees. Hootsuite has different plans based on your needs. If you are looking for an individual plan or have a small team, Hootsuite might be expensive for you. It is more suitable for enterprises, professionals, big teams.

A brand-new platform!

RADAAR founded in 2019 by Mustafa Ercan Zırh. Back then, the team was a user of many social media management platforms, which are competitors right now. They did not get the full performance from each one, and all of them had lack of some features. Then the idea of RADAAR came out. It's a brand-new and young platform but solid and promising. You can schedule your content for your accounts, see all messages in one place, and many others. RADAAR is suitable for individuals, startups, enterprises. When you compare pricing, RADAAR is affordable compared to many of its competitors.

Choose the right social media management tool!

There are many different social media channels, and we can say the most famous ones are Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube. If you're a business starting with these channels, you need to be sure of your brand accessibility on different social media channels as well. So it is essential to choose the social media management tool that supports more channels that will be better for you.
Facebook (Page)
Facebook (Group)
Instagram (Business)
Twitter (User)
LinkedIn (Organization)
LinkedIn (Person)
TikTok (User)
Pinterest (Board)
Vimeo (User)
YouTube (Channel)Soon
Google (My Business)Soon
Google (Search)
Webhook (Outgoing)
WordPress (Site)Soon
Twilio (SMS)-
Twilio (WhatsApp Business)
Telegram (Bot)

Features to streamline your workflow and save time!

We can explain feature as functionality that makes your work easier and improve the performance or result. There are so many features on both platforms. The important thing about social media management software is how much time you can save with the features. Take the heaviness out of your daily workload so, you can focus on developing new and effective social media strategies for your clients or your brands. RADAAR was designed based on productiveness. Hence, RADAAR developed its features to streamline your workflow and save time. It still continues to develop.
Social Media Scheduler
- Customizable Calendar
- Best Time To Post
- Special Days Calendar
- Hashtag Manager
- Bulk (CSV) Import
- Chain Comments
- Spintax
Social Inbox
- Quick Replies
- Google Translate
- Winner Picker
Social Monitoring
- Customizable Reports
URL Shortener
- Custom Domain
- Link In Bio
- QR Code Generator
Landing Pages
Password Vault
Task Manager
Team Collaboration
Multiple Subscription
Mobile AppiOS, AndroidiOS, Android, Huawei

More integration means more efficiency!

Integrations help you be more productive. More integration means more efficiency in your workflow. We see many integrations on Hootsuite are exist as 3rd Party. In another saying, you have to install one by one to use it, which takes time. But RADAAR makes it easier for everyone; you don't have to install any integrations. After setting up your account, you directly start using whichever integration you need. Your team's content is always a click away with direct access to Canva, Crello, Google Drive, Dropbox, Microsoft OneDrive, and Box.
RSS3rd Party
Canva3rd Party
Google Drive3rd Party
Dropbox3rd Party
Microsoft OneDrive3rd Party
Box3rd Party
Google Translate3rd Party
Google NLPSoon
Giphy3rd Party

Start using RADAAR and save money every year!

Many people agree that it is important how powerful and how many features a social media management platform should be. However, it is also essential that it is affordable. Both platforms have different plans depending on your needs and budget.

You should not have to sacrifice features or capabilities with your marketing budget in mind. With an all-in-one platform like RADAAR, you can conquer your social media strategy.
Subscription PlanProfessionalPremium
Social Media Profiles106
- Additional$3/mo
Social Media Scheduler
Social Inbox
Social Monitoring
URL Shortener
Password Vault
Task Manager
- Additional$2/mo
Trail Period30 days14 days
Credit Card Required
Multiple Subscription

Get help quickly when you need it!

Another reason you need to consider when you select the platform is customer support. It is critical to get help quickly when you need it. Because in social media, time is the essential element. A support team must be easy to contact, available and responsive.

Hootsuite has in-dash live chat support. You can get help by chatting with the Support team right in your dashboard. But if you’re not logged in to your account or don’t have an account, Hootsuite does not offer a live chat option; they also do not have a phone number to call. You can get help by contacting them via social media, which are Facebook and Twitter.

RADAAR’s support team is providing help by e-mail. You can directly send an e-mail to [email protected]. Also, RADAAR has a very active Facebook community. You can join the community group and share your questions or experience with other users or get help and hear from the other users.

Last but not least, they have a really good knowledge base where you can find most of the answers to your questions. And if you are a person who doesn’t like to read, you can watch RADAAR’s tutorial videos as well.

This is why we do what we do!

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A stunning social media management platform for brands, agencies, and startups that want to engage followers, publish unique content, and measure performance.

Have questions about Hootsuite?

Read answers to frequently asked questions to help you make your choice...
Hootsuite is a social media management platform that covers nearly many aspects of the role of a social media manager or specialist. You can manage different social media account on Hootsuite.
You should have an account to use Hootsuite. It has a free trial period but after that, you need to select the plan that suits you. You can either use it on your desktop or mobile application.
There are three main plans and one as Enterprise solution which is pricing changes depending on your need. You might ask “What are the things included in plans?”
It also depends. The first and basic plan includes 1 user and you can add only 10 accounts.
You are able to manage to schedule your posts for each social media account and see the direct messages you are getting.
You can manage your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn and Pinterest accounts on Hootsuite.
Firstly, you should log into your account on Hootsuite. After that, go to "My Profile" and then click on "Manage my plan". Expand the "Manage my subscription" section to your plan. From there, you change your plan or cancel your subscription. To delete your account, expand the "Delete my account" section under "Manage my plan".