The ultimate social media holiday calendar for 2021...

Unexpected social media holidays get your audience excited. To help you keep track of all the holidays, here's a Social Media Holiday Google Calendar.

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We all know of the usual special days of the year – New Year's Day, Mother's Day, Valentine's Day and so on. But did you know there are many, many more? And these days can be the perfect prompt for your next social media activity.

Targeting lesser-known marketing holidays gives your business a better chance of getting noticed. Ice Cream Day, World Puppy Day, Stars Wars Day and more. These fun, unexpected social media holidays get your audience excited. To help you keep track of all the holidays, here's a Social Media Holiday Google Calendar.

What are special days and how important is it to celebrate them?

We can all admit that we live within an economic system where consumption is encouraged. Brands want to take advantage of all possible opportunities within such a system and turn them into advantages on their own behalf. Special days are among the moments that brands attach great importance to and see as opportunities.

Special days, which are recognized collectively or universally, are met with great interest by brands throughout the year. In digital marketing processes, special days are effective for creating brand loyalty among the public. All kinds of visual, auditory, or text-based content prepared for such days enjoy a response from the audience.

In this sense, it is important to present these messages in a way that is integrated with the brand’s image. Here we will try to explain what special days are and why they are so important for brands.

What are special days?

Special days play an important role in creating a collective consciousness in society. Apart from the special days that have long been traditionally accepted, we are also witnessing a new generation of special days that are entering our lives with capitalism. Contrary to popular belief, many special days do not have a long history. However, some special days that have been celebrated for only 25-30 years, for example, can make a serious difference with the effects that they create.
At this point, we can say that the sales-oriented creative efforts of the advertising sector shape those effects. “Special days” are generally days of significance passed down from generation to generation, celebrated on a particular day or week each year, and referenced within common social memory and common consciousness. There are many special days at both religious and national levels.

As examples of special days, we can cite New Year’s Day, Valentine’s Day, religious holidays, Women’s Day, Labor Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, and Doctors’ Day.

How should brands celebrate important days and weeks?

Above all else, brands need to clearly establish their own identities and have a clear stance on this issue. It is imperative that corporate and digital strategies be formed and worked on and that necessary actions be taken accordingly. The work undertaken by agencies can sometimes be squeezed into a one-dimensional space. However, it is important that brands be involved and actively participate in this creative process.

Brands need to create marketing calendars of their own. It is expected that such calendars will be determined according to special days. However, brands should not feel obligated to recognize or take actions for every special day. Such moves will often create a negative image, but giving people the message that a brand or company is with them on particularly important special days is the key to trust. For this reason, many brands feel the need to make special gestures for their customers on their birthdays.

Brands should be selective and sincere about special days. Unique, original, and creative content will make brands much more memorable.

Is the celebration of every special day suitable for every audience?

Although there are hundreds of special days in a calendar year, very few of them actually make a serious impact. For example, it is meaningless to compare the effect of World No Tobacco Day with the effect of Women’s Day. It is important for brands to reach the right target audience at the right time based on their own corporate identities. This occurs in direct correlation to the content of the product or service. Being able to act in accordance with the values of the target audience is a key point.

How should celebrations of special days be prepared?

Brands need to make serious and professional preparations to celebrate special days. Preparations for such celebrations being carried out on social media, as well as campaigns and branding efforts, should begin far in advance. In order to ensure a positive impact, comprehensive analyses should be performed and a roadmap should be determined.

Brands need to shake off the noise of standard communications and seek to be different. You can increase your sales or your visibility with special offers on special days. Be sure to plan your efforts in advance, announce your strategies and offers from all possible platforms, and be clear while using effective visuals!

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