A great Agorapulse alternative for half the price!

We prepared a comparison article about Agorapulse and one of the brand-new social media management platforms, RADAAR.

Looking for the best Agorapulse alternative?

The Internet has infiltrated our lives to an extent, and internet discovery helped social media channels were born. We are all aware that creating content and managing social media has a significant role and takes time. Managing social media does not end with only content. Also, the interaction between you and your audience and following up closely on what people think about you or your brand take an important place in social media management. If you’re or your team doing all of these manually, we would like to share one big piece of news for you if you haven’t heard about it!

TA-DAA, there are many different management tools for social media profiles! Many people use social media management tools to better monitor and manage their social media accounts. These tools frequently assist marketers in more efficiently planning, drafting, and scheduling content. We prepared a comparison article about Agorapulse and one of the brand-new social media management platforms, RADAAR.

For big teams or companies!

Agorapulse was founded in 2010 in Paris, France. You can schedule and publish content from your desktop for different social media networks. It has different pricing models, but still, it might be a little bit expensive. For big teams or companies, that pricing won’t hurt them, but for freelancers or small businesses, it will definitely break their hearts…

For individuals, startups, and businesses!

RADAAR was founded in 2019. You can schedule content for your accounts, view all messages in one place, and do various other things to make your work easier. RADAAR is suitable for individuals, startups, and businesses. You see, RADAAR does not break hearts when you compare prices.

More platforms, more brand awareness!

There are numerous social media networks, but Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube are the most well-known. You must ensure that your brand is accessible on multiple social media platforms if you are running a business. As a result, selecting a social media management tool that supports more channels is critical, as this will be more beneficial to you.
Facebook (Page)
Facebook (Group)
Instagram (Business)
Twitter (User)
LinkedIn (Organization)
LinkedIn (Person)
TikTok (User)
Pinterest (Board)
Vimeo (User)
YouTube (Channel)Soon
Google (My Business)Soon
Google (Search)
Webhook (Outgoing)
WordPress (Site)Soon
Twilio (WhatsApp Business)
Twilio (SMS)
Telegram (Bot)

Streamline your workflow and save you time!

We can define a feature as functionality that simplifies your work and improves performance or results. Both platforms have a plethora of features. It is more beneficial if the features are helping you to save time. So you can concentrate on developing new and effective social media strategies for your clients or brands. RADAAR was created with productivity in mind. As a result, RADAAR designed its features to streamline your workflow and save you time, and it is developing new ones day by day.
Social Media Scheduler
- Customizable Calendar
- Best Time To Post
- Special Days Calendar
- Hashtag Manager
- Bulk (CSV) Import
- Chain Comments
- Spintax
Social Inbox
- Quick Replies
- Google Translate
- Winner Picker
Social Monitoring
- Customizable Reports
URL Shortener
- Custom Domain
- Link In Bio
- QR Code Generator
Landing Pages
Password Vault
Task Manager
Team Collaboration
Multiple Subscription
Mobile AppiOS, AndroidiOS, Android, Huawei

Be more productive!

Integrations are taking an important place in order to be more productive. More integration means a more efficient workflow. Agorapulse has limited integrations. RADAAR takes one step and takes place in front of Agorapulse here.
Google Drive
Microsoft OneDrive
Google Translate
Google NLPSoon

Save more than $1000 every year with RADAAR!

It is critical to consider how powerful and feature-rich a social media management platform should be. It is, however, critical that it be affordable. Nobody wants to spend money on things that are not covering their needs. Depending on your needs and budget, both platforms offer different plans.
Subscription PlanProPremium
Social Media Profiles1010
- Additional$3/mo
Social Media Scheduler
Social Inbox
Social Monitoring
URL Shortener
Password Vault
Task Manager
- Additional$2/mo
Trail Period14 Days14 days
Credit Card Required
Multiple Subscription

Get assistance as soon as possible!

Customer support is an item you need to check when you are selecting a social media management platform. It is critical to get assistance as soon as possible when you need it. A support team must be accessible, available, and responsive.

Agorapulse offers different customer support depending on your plan. If you select a free or premium plan, you can get customer support by only e-mail. If you upgrade your plan, you can get priority e-mail support and chat support.

You can reach RADAAR's support team via e-mail. You can directly send an e-mail to [email protected]. RADAAR also has a very active Facebook community. You can join the community group and share your questions or experiences with other users, read other people experience and learn from them.

Last but not least, they have an excellent knowledge base where you can find the majority of answers to your questions. If you don't like to read, you can also watch RADAAR's tutorial videos.

This is why we do what we do!

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A unified social media management platform!

Yes, we understand that it is challenging to take a step to get out of your comfort zone. Today is the day you get out of your comfort zone and try the brand-new RADAAR!

Have questions about Agorapulse?

Read answers to frequently asked questions to help you make your choice...
Agorapulse is a social media management platform covering nearly every aspect of a social media manager's or specialist's job. Agorapulse allows you to manage multiple social media accounts.
There are four different plans. The free plan offers you only 3 accounts to manage and very limited features. You can ask, “What are the features included in plans?” it depends on the plan you will choose. Agorapulse also offers a custom plan for enterprises.
You must first create an account to use Agorapulse. It offers a free trial period, but you must choose the plan that best suits your needs after that. It is available as a desktop or mobile application.
You can manage to schedule posts for each social media account and view the direct messages you receive.
You can manage your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and LinkedIn accounts on Agorapulse.
Agorapulse offers 15 days free trial.