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Take a look at our detailed article comparing RADAAR and Sendible, two of the new generation social media management tools!

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Social media accounts are showcases for small and medium-sized businesses that make their products and services more visible to their target audience. The more organized and well-managed a showcase, the more it attracts the attention of the target audience and the instant visitor. However, it's often not enough to just share content to promote your services and products on social media. The faster you respond to your current audience and target users, the higher your retention rate will be. Yet, checking social media accounts one by one to reply to messages and comments from your customers is both time-consuming and causes you to miss important messages.

But don't be intimidated! With social media management tools, you can easily follow what is being said about your business, measure your performance, and quickly return to your customers with canned responses. If you want to examine the comparison we made between Sendible and RADAAR, which are among the softwares that make social media management very easy, you can check out the rest of the article.

Various package options...

Sendible was founded by Gavin Hammar in 2009 in a spare bedroom in London. It's a social media management tool that helps you manage your accounts in a planned manner and get detailed reports and analyses. It offers affordable subscription plans for small businesses and unique pricing options for large agencies and brands.

A breath of fresh air!

The social media management tool RADAAR was founded in 2019. Although it is new in the sector, it has become a more robust solution than its competitors in a short time, thanks to its young and dynamic structure. RADAAR's user-friendly interface lets you schedule your social media posts whenever you want, track your performance in detail, and manage all your messages from a single inbox. RADAAR is suitable for use by small businesses, as well as making social media management for large companies much more effortless. Moreover, subscription plans are pretty advantageous compared to Sendible and other competitors.

All your accounts at your fingertips!

Your social media accounts should always be visible to your current and target audiences. And sometimes, just being on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or Youtube isn't enough. Working with social media management tools that support more platforms always makes it easier for you to reach a wider audience.
Facebook (Page)
Facebook (Group)
Instagram (Business)
Twitter (User)
LinkedIn (Organization)
LinkedIn (Person)
TikTok (User)
Pinterest (Board)
Vimeo (User)
YouTube (Channel)Soon
Google (My Business)
Google (Search)
Webhook (Outgoing)
WordPress (Site)Soon
Twilio (WhatsApp Business)
Twilio (SMS)
Telegram (Bot)

Create your content plan and save time!

The social media management tool you choose to use should make your work easier with its features and thus save you a lot of time by reducing your daily, weekly, and monthly workload. By this approach, RADAAR is constantly thinking of every detail for you. Its continuously developed features allow you to easily manage your social media accounts without the need for any other tool.
Social Media Scheduler
- Customizable Calendar
- Best Time To Post
- Special Days Calendar
- Hashtag Manager
- Bulk (CSV) Import
- Chain Comments
- Spintax
Social Inbox
- Quick Replies
- Google Translate
- Winner Picker
Social Monitoring
- Customizable Reports
URL Shortener
- Custom Domain
- Link In Bio
- QR Code Generator
Landing Pages
Password Vault
Task Manager
Team Collaboration
Multiple Subscription
Mobile AppiOS, AndroidiOS, Android, Huawei

The easiest way to increase efficiency!

Integrations are essential tools for the smooth progress of the workflow and increasing efficiency. With the integrations they offer, RADAAR strengthens teamwork and enables you to complete your work quickly.
Google Drive
Microsoft OneDrive
Google Translate
Google NLPSoon

Get high performance at an affordable price with RADAAR…

Choosing the right one among social media management tools can be difficult, and many factors determine your options. You would look for a feature-rich platform, but the pricing is also crucial. Having an affordable and full-featured platform is not a dream with RADAAR. Let's assume that you have reached the social media account or user limit of the subscription plan on RADAAR. No problem! You can easily increase your limits whenever you need to add a new user or a social media account. In contrast, to increase your user or account limit on Sendible, you'll have to pay double the cost and purchase an entirely new package.
Subscription PlanCreatorPremium
Social Media Profiles66
- Additional$3/mo
Social Media Scheduler
Social Inbox
Social Monitoring
URL Shortener
Password Vault
Task Manager
- Additional$2/mo
Trail Period14 days14 days
Credit Card Required
Multiple Subscription

Always ready to support…

Sendible is always ready to support its users with the articles and training videos they created. You can get support from the Sendible team by sending an e-mail for the problems that you cannot handle with the content they prepared.

You can always reach RADAAR support team by e-mail, as well as share your experiences with their Facebook community and be a part of other users' experiences. In addition, you can discover how you can use RADAAR with its features and tutorial videos. Finally, you can find detailed articles about the problems you encounter with the ''Knowledge Base'' they have.

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Read answers to frequently asked questions to help you make your choice...
Sendible is a platform developed for you to manage your social media profiles.
You must first register on the site and then connect the social media accounts you want to monitor.
To cancel, click on your username and select Subscription from the menu that appears. Then click Cancel Subscription at the bottom of the page.
It allows you to manage scheduled posts for your social media accounts, respond to messages and comments, and create reports.
Sendible has different subscription plans. Creator, the starter pack, costs $29 per month.
Sendible offers a 14-day free trial.