A new way of measuring your content quality!

One of the biggest superpowers of the Content Score is to compute over several factors and tell you exactly what's missing and provide your team meets their content creation goals.
A new way of measuring your content quality!

Streamline your content creation...

By analyzing and reviewing your content prior to publishing, your team no longer has to use guesswork or make assumptions that the content is ready to be published.

Unleash the true potential of your content...

As marketers continue to rely heavily on content marketing and less on paid advertisements, it is crucial to maximize your content marketing efforts as best as possible. Content scoring is the most effective way to measure how your content will perform.

Why content scoring is the key to content marketing success?

Implemented correctly, content scoring can be a good way to forecast a favorable outcome. In content marketing, we need scoring methods that help us win. Simply knowing that our content is good or bad, based on a particular score, is not good enough. A good scoring methodology should encourage an appropriate action.
Content scoring is a new methodology changes that by tracking how individual content assets and campaigns perform in generating leads and opportunities.
Content score is a numerical value that ranges from 0 to 100, representing the quality of the content. The Content Score is to compute over several factors including caption lenght, media type, hashtags count etc.
Based on our data, 40 percent content score is sufficient to publish successful content. Don't forget that the Content Score just makes suggestions. You don't have to strictly follow them.
According to precise study by Jeff Bullas, posts with 80 characters or less receive 66% higher engagement.
Content scoring helps streamline content creation processes and ensures that your team meets their content creation goals.
With the Content Score, you can analyze your content quality and get some refined suggestions for your burning questions.
Your target audience want visually stunning images and not just a bunch of text. Using great visual pieces is a key way to improve engagement and create better brand recognition.
Each social media platform has its own befitting hashtags frequency and crossing it might lead to lesser engagement. Using 10+ hashtags can reduce engagement by 68.2%, as inferred from the Social Baker study.

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