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Social media is supposed to be "social" and tagging is one of the tools you can use to make it a more collective experience. Tagging can increase likes and comments and result in more shares for your posts, meaning you achieve a much wider reach and response rate.
Give your posts maximum visibility...

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This simple feature allows you to tag your customers, influencers, and other businesses on social media in your post. They receive a notification and your post actually becomes a part of their profile.

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Social media is about being sociable, and getting the most out of it requires a significant degree of interaction with other accounts – whether that’s other brands, customers or influencers. Tagging is a powerful tool for facilitating this interaction, and it can help boost your social media presence in a number of important ways.

Everything you need to know about tagging!

Tagging is a great way to show up in people's notifications and to encourage engagement. You'll know everything you need to about how tagging works and how to make the most of it for your business's social media presence.
Tagging on social media means that you are mentioning somebody else in a post, comment or in a photo while typing in their official profile name. That name then links to their profile and also likely shows up in their timeline.
Each platform works slightly differently, of course, but the keypad symbol you’re looking for with all of them is the @ key. Even within each platform, there’s often more than one way of tagging someone, and the effect of doing so can be slightly different from one platform to the next.
When you tag someone on a social media site, you use the @ symbol. The person will be notified you tagged them and be able to read the information you posted on the social media site.
Tagging is a powerful tool for facilitating this interaction, and it can help boost your social media presence in a number of important ways: Increase engagement, strengthen partnerships, acknowledge contributions, customer service.
Firstly, it notifies the person that you’ve tagged them (unless they’ve disabled notifications). Secondly, it creates a hyperlink to their profile in your post – so your followers will be able to click on the link and see their profile page.
There isn't a way to completely stop people from tagging you on Facebook, other than explicitly asking them not to tag you. However, there are several options for changing who can see pictures you're tagged in.

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