A complete solution for link management...

Create, manage, and track branded links to improve the click-through rate.
A complete solution for link management...

Boost your click-throughs...

Set up your own domain and create branded links to increase the trust of your audience and boost your click-throughs by up to 34%.

Measure your links' performance...

Get valuable insights including clicks, countries, languages, devices, and frequent times from each link.

Frequently Asked Questions

Create, share, and track your links to get more clicks.
A URL shortener is a simple tool that converts a long link into a short one.
Creating engaging social media posts to share content can drive traffic to your website. However, if you're including a long, complex link in every post you share, you may be forfeiting clicks, shares, and engagement. A shortened link is easier for your readers to click, copy, and share in their own posts, which can help your content gain organic exposure on social networks.
No, you can create unlimited links. Learn more.
A URL Shortener tool lets you harness the power of your links by shortening, sharing, managing, and analyzing links to your content.
Sure. After you're done creating a link, you'll have the option to edit it.
Yes, the URL Shortener feature is free for all users. Learn more.