Beginners guide to Discord for Business...

You may be familiar with Discord as the leading platform for online interactions between streamers, gamers, and developers. However, it would be a surprise to know that its functionality has extended to the corporate industry as a social media marketing tool.
You may be familiar with Discord as the leading platform for online interactions between streamers, gamers, and developers. However, it would be a surprise to know that its functionality has extended to the corporate industry as a social media marketing tool. Companies hunting for innovative strategies to communicate with their Audience are sure to love this versatile platform. Whether you’re a Discord power user or clueless about what this service entails, we’ll guide you on all the ways to make it work for your business.

What is Discord?

Discord was initially created to provide gamers with space for online socialization. Since its launch, its popularity has grown exponentially and now includes all sorts of communities. Be it K-pop fans, meme-lovers, or writers. 140 million+ users log on to this social networking app to host real-time video, texts, and voice chats. That too, for free! When it comes to how Discord works, it's pretty different from its other counterparts that revolve around a single core community. Discord has several servers that consumers can search for and join to meet like-minded people. These chat rooms are either public or private. You may create personal space for buddies sharing common interests or visit a public community.

How to use Discord for your business?

With the help of this chat app, you can market your product without investing a single penny! You read it right. It's 100% free, even for business organizations. Intrigued? There are more practical benefits of using Discord to help your venture succeed. Some of them are as follows:

Maximize brand recognition...

One of the reasons entrepreneurs are drawn to this app is its high server limit. Each room has a capacity of 250,000 members. The bigger the community, the higher the popularity of your business. Additionally, servers can support up to 500 distinct channels or categories, meaning you'll be able to organize social conversations about different topics. Users can look for the subject matter they're interested in and join in on the discussion.

Provide a personalized experience to your audience via roles...

Discord is predominantly for communication between gamers, so it is not an ad-driven platform. Therefore, it lacks the capabilities to target specific demographics. However, when it comes to providing individual experiences, Discord does not fall behind. Once you get the hang of it, you'll realize that customizing your Audience's experience is possible by utilizing their roles feature. Here's how:


If you’re a successful enterprise owner, you may be familiar with the significance of empowering certain members. Users contributing to high engagement deserve their fair share of perks. You may employ roles to give a unique color to their username or attach a custom icon next to it.

Target Certain Users

When it comes to chat rooms, communicating can be pretty tricky. That’s why Discord has one up over its other counterparts. It is packed with handy features that the others lack. Notifying a specific population within the Server is possible by using @role.

Limited Access

By using Discord, you can generate channels dedicated to members qualifying for a particular role. Use the app’s capability to allow you to grant or reject invites from users as you will. Being part of an exclusive group honors one's superior status and authority in an online community.

VIP Roles

Successful business owners recognize the lure of exclusivity and use it to motivate consumers to be more engaging. Use this factor to your advantage by rewarding members that pay for premium access. Besides this, you can dedicate a channel for all the non-paying subscribers, but special privileges and authoritative responsibilities must be special for VIP members.

Expression of Individuality

User profilers on Discord hold minimal and basic information. Users may share their pronoun preferences and nationality by using roles to provide additional aspects of their life.

Get immediate feedback!

Once your Server hits 500 subscribers, access to a convenient asset opens up. With the help of Server Insights, you can stay informed about the crucial numbers through key statistics. Be it promotion, growth, sustainability, member-retention rates, engagement, and most popular invite links. Within the Server Insights, is another handy tab called Audience. Through this bar, you can see details such as their device of use, length of time on Discord, time they've been on your Server, and their country. These combined provide hints on the right course of action to enhance your community experience, attract more members, and keep them around for longer.

Encourage engagement!

Your private Server is not only the hub to promote your brand but can be utilized to send special awards to your subscribers for their loyalty. This is especially useful if you sell products online. It draws more followers to join your community. The excitement of one-time subscription perks fades away after some time. That's where these rewards jump in to encourage your members to maintain their subscriptions.

How to use Discord? 

Setting up a server is easy if you're prepared to take your business to new heights through Discord. You may run it on a browser, IOS, or Android device by downloading Discord. We recommend that the app version grants permission for advanced features than the browser, so use that one.

Become a part of a public server...

Once you’re signed up and on the Discord app, joining a public server is easy. If you already have the invitation link, then:

• Click the “+” symbol or “Add a server” option at the bottom of the list of servers.
• From the menu box, choose "Join a server."
• Enter the invitation link. Select "Join a server" again.

What to do when you don't have an invite link? Become a part of a room that already exists by choosing Explore Public Servers option from the menu at the left. Scroll through the Server's list to find one you're interested in, or search for it in the search box to save your time.

Create your server 

Making a private space for marketing your product can be completed in a few steps:

• Launch the Discord app. Log in to your account.
• Hit the "+" sign from the left of the page.
• Choose "Create a Server."
• Build a template from scratch or pick one of the pre-made templates.
• Name your private chat room.
• Lastly, click "Create."


Everything you need to know about Discord for Business has been discussed in this article. Using this fantastic platform comes with no risk. Begin using it for your venture, and notice the positive outcome yourself!

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