How can we produce special social media campaigns for the new year?

In two weeks, we will be leaving yet another year behind and saying hello to a new one. So, what kind of content and campaigns can be effective for the new year?
In two weeks, we will be leaving yet another year behind and saying hello to a new one. As the whole world shares in this excitement, everyone is preparing for the new year. New targets are being set for 2021 and new plans are being made. In this process, businesses have started communicating with their customers via every possible channel and especially on social media, publishing special content for the new year and organizing campaigns.
By now there are almost no businesses remaining that do not have social media accounts. Although they may use different platforms, all of these businesses are actively using social media and sharing new developments via their accounts. Preparations are ongoing for social media posts, campaigns, and promotions for such an important day as New Year’s Day. So, what kind of content and campaigns can be effective for the new year? Here we will explore some seemingly simple but very important points on this topic.

Make new year’s posts on social media

No matter how ordinary it has come to seem, every organization now publishes special posts for the new year on social media. If you want to make a difference with your posts, you can enliven your content and the message that you share, appealing to your followers’ feelings and making them feel special. You should do this not only with “we celebrate your new year” themed content on December 31st, but also with periodic posts utilizing the new year concept 5-10 days before the holiday itself. Maybe it doesn’t even need to be said, but be sure to use New Year’s themed hashtags! The more creative you are about it, the better.

Celebrate new year’s with your followers individually

Of course, this won’t be possible if you have thousands, tens of thousands, or hundreds of thousands of followers. However, celebrating the new year with at least some of them with private messages that you send via social media platforms will make your followers feel valued. At the same time, don’t forget to leave likes and comments on the content that your followers share for the new year. This will increase your interaction on social media.

Promote your special new products for the new year

Share with your followers the good news that you are launching new products in the new year and that they will be available from January 1st onwards. For this, of course, you must have completed all of your preparations in advance. You should share specific details such as the pricing of the product, where it will be available for sale, and stocking information with your followers.

Announce on social media that you will be offering discounts in the new year

After all, who says no to a discount? Special discounts for the new year will strengthen your relationship with your followers and increase the interest in your brand. If you have a special product for the new year and you offer it at a very affordable price with special New-Year’s-only discounts, the impact you have on your followers will be even greater.

Organize special events for the new year and announce them on social media

As well as the special discounts that you offer for the new year, any special events that you organize, even on a small scale, will increase your standing in the eyes of your customers. Organizing events such as meetings, parties, or dinners for people selected from among your social media followers will strengthen your brand image. For this, you could start by announcing to your followers that a lottery will be held on social media and a certain number of people will be selected.

Have personalized New Year’s gifts prepared

Everyone loves special gifts that have been personally prepared, and New Year’s is a great opportunity for this. You can send some simple gifts to your social media followers, such as 2021 calendars, pens, notebooks, phone cases, or bracelets. For this, you could hold a raffle and increase the interest in your campaign. Then you can announce the lucky winners on social media and celebrate the new year with them by sending them special gifts.

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