How to get on the Instagram Explore Page 2023!

If your business isn't taking this topic seriously, you're losing a significant chance to build your brand and put your content in front of potential clients in an organic way.
If your business isn't taking this topic seriously, you're losing a significant chance to build your brand and put your content in front of potential clients in an organic way. A tried-and-true method to raise visibility on Instagram is to appear on the Explore page. Using the Explore page, you can grow your audience and expose your content to relevant people and potential customers. That translates to more impressions, views, and possibly Instagram followers. In light of this, getting a coveted spot on Instagram's Explore Page could make a big difference in how many people interact with your content, especially since you'll be reaching people who already engage with posts or videos like yours. So, how do you secure a spot on Instagram's Explore Page? Keep reading as we share these tips below.

What is the Instagram explore page?

The Instagram Explore page is a selection of publicly available images, videos, reels, and stories tailored to make it easier for each Instagram user to find posts, accounts, hashtags, or anything else they might be interested in. The Explore page compiles content depending on the individual interests of each user. Content is chosen by Instagram's algorithm based on related accounts or previously seen content. On the Explore page, you may find still images, moving pictures, reels, and even stories. Since Instagram adapts the content on this page to each user's choices, no two Explore pages are identical. Instagram users may navigate to Search & Explore by touching the magnifying glass icon at the bottom of the Instagram app. Type the person or content you're looking for after selecting, then click "Search." You can search using keywords and hashtags. You may use the buttons under the search bar, Top, Accounts, Audio, Tags, or Places, to filter the results.

How does the Instagram algorithm work?

There are never two identical Instagram explore pages. This is so that users may view content that is relevant to them when they enter the Explore tab on Instagram. The algorithm on the Explore page gathers ranking information and selects what to display using machine learning. The Instagram platform chooses posts using an "unconnected recommendation system," taking into account each user's usage patterns.
The algorithm is trained to choose posts outside of the accounts a user follows depending on the user's behavior throughout the site. The quality of the content, how closely they match a user's interests, how current and engaging they are, and the kinds of posts the accounts a user follows engage with all go into how these posts are ranked by the algorithm.

How do I get on the explore page?

For some businesses, it becomes all too tempting to manipulate the algorithm by, say, buying engagement or followers. While this may offer a temporary advantage, it is unlikely to be profitable in the long run and may even turn away your real followers. Having said that, Instagram's algorithm bases its decision on what to display to users on the Explore Page on two main factors:

1. The kind of content a user has previously viewed.
2. The amount of engagement (likes, comments, and shares) the content receives.

However, there are more things you can do to raise your odds. Let's look at them.

5 Tips for your Instagram explore page...

Check out your Explore page

Before you start creating fresh content, take a step back and do some research. You already have an audience. So go beyond "know your audience" to get onto the Instagram Explore Tab. Learn about the demographics of your Instagram followers, the target markets you want to reach with Explore, and the kind of content these people enjoy most. Spend some time on your Explore page and think about the following questions:

• Which post types are featured?
• What hashtags and keywords are used in the captions?
• Why are these posts so interesting to read?

After you have a better knowledge of what works, use these examples as inspiration for your own content strategy.

Start making Reels

Instagram clearly wishes for the success of the Reel feature. Reels appear often in both the Explore feed and a separate tab for this purpose. The tab was totally changed to make room for it because it is so essential to how the Instagram app works. Finding yourself in the Reels tab could lead to finding yourself in the Explore tab as well. Therefore, if you are serious about getting on the Explore Page in 2023, you must make Reels a key part of your plan.

Find the best time to post

The timely nature of content is crucial for the algorithm. Getting engagement on your content soon after it is published is the first stage, since recently published content is more likely to show up on the Explore page. Therefore, if you post when your audience is online, your content has a far greater chance of increasing reach and engagement. Look at your Instagram Insights stats first. You can then time your content to coincide with your followers' peak online activity. High engagement will let the algorithm know that your content is valuable enough to be shared with more people, especially soon after the piece is live.

Use Carousel posts

Another way to boost engagement on Instagram is to experiment with different types of posts. While it's a good idea to vary your format choices, creatively deploying carousel posts may boost engagement. Two to ten posts can be included in a carousel. Use ten posts on average for the most interaction, but use fewer if they better convey your message. You can never be sure which slide in an Instagram carousel post will be the most effective, so treat them all as standalone posts. Depending on user activity, Instagram will highlight various slides in your carousel post. Therefore, each piece of content should be interesting on its own, even when you're using numerous images to illustrate a single story.

Use hashtags

Hashtags are still a crucial tactic for discoverability. Hashtags, geotags, and account tags from Instagram's explore feature give you one more chance to broaden your audience. By using pertinent tags, you may greatly increase the number of people who will see your content on the Explore page, where they can search by hashtag, location, or topic. Think about utilizing them to label your content. Instagram will try its best to categorize your photos accurately even if you don't use hashtags, although doing so makes it easier for the system.

Final thoughts...

Getting included on the Explore page is advantageous for anybody or any business, whether you are an aspiring blogger or have thousands of followers. By adding these strategies to your content strategy, you can get more followers and get more people to interact with your content. So there you have it! The 5 best practices for landing a good spot on the Explore page and increasing engagement.

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