How to run a great Twitter contest?

There are some fantastic ways to market a brand, but nothing beats an excellent Twitter contest when it comes to breaking all marketing strategies. Why so? Well, people love to win prizes, and brands love the exposure they get; hence, this becomes a win-win for all.
There are some fantastic ways to market a brand, but nothing beats an excellent Twitter contest when it comes to breaking all marketing strategies. Why so? Well, people love to win prizes, and brands love the exposure they get; hence, this becomes a win-win for all. Moreover, these contests are simple to host, do not require much money going in, and the outcome is always great. However, if not done right, it can send back many customers that came with the sole intention of winning. Worry not, though; below; we have listed all the right ways how you can run an excellent Twitter contest.

Why should you run a Twitter contest?

A Twitter contest can help you achieve a variety of different goals. Hence, when running a Twitter contest, you must have a thorough idea about what you want to achieve out of the contest you are hosting. Some goals which a Twitter contest can help you achieve are:

• Growing your Audience/Customers
• Building Brand Recognition
• Promoting a New Product

Apart from this, if you have any other objective in mind that you want to achieve, choosing the right tactics and carrying out the perfect Twitter contest is all you have to do. Hop on below to find out how you can host a unique Twitter contest.

How to set a Twitter contest?

Now that you know how an excellent Twitter contest can come in handy for your brand or product recognition and gaining more audience, you must be intrigued to host a Twitter contest. Well, wait no further and follow the steps given below.

Set an objective!

All brands work with strategies that will help them in the long run. A Twitter contest, while fun, will hold the same strategy. When planning a contest, it is essential to have a clear end goal or objective in mind. What will this be? Well, things that you as a person or your brand will get out of this contest. This result can be in brand recognition or increased follower count. Ultimately, this objective will help determine whether the contest was worth it and whether you should do it again soon.

Plan your contest...

Now that you have a goal in mind, the next step should be to thoroughly plan out the whole initiative. Start by planning what your giveaway or contest will be about, how the users will participate, the duration it will last, and how you can hype it up to get your audience intrigued to participate. With the basics out of the way, choosing the winning prize would be your next step.

Pick a prize!

No one would participate in your competition without a returning prize in return. Prizes are what lure people towards taking part in your contests or giveaways. The more exceptional the prize, the more people will participate. The prices, however, can be of two types: digital or physical prizes. The digital prizes can include:

• A discounted code for your brand's items and products.
• A ticket to a famous singer's concert in the country.
• A special event they might be excited to attend.

Physical prizes vary from a brand item yet to be launched or cash prizes work well too

Create your contest rules...

A thoroughly detailed list of rules for any competition is vital to determine a winner. The idea implies in your Twitter contests as well. When an online competition is held, people participate by mentioning or tagging friends, re-tweeting the post, or another way. Make sure that the winner you choose sits perfectly on all those rules and has followed each one. Moreover, also let your audience know what factors would eliminate them from the winning category. These can include spamming the contest posts with unnecessary or multiple tags, or sending messages to let them win the prize.

Promote your contest!

No one would know you are hosting a contest or giveaway until you promote it. Hence, promoting your contest should be the next step when all basics are finalized and the duration has been decided. We suggest letting people know about the competition before the starting date to bring up the hype or intrigue more people towards it. Once the contest is live, you can interact with people within the comments by answering their questions or liking their comments to let them know that you see them. Moreover, choosing a Hashtag and encouraging all users to utilize it in their re-tweeting participation is essential. This will help you sift through all entries quickly.

Use a social media management tool...

Choosing a winner who followed all the rules religiously and participated fairly is essential. However, in between millions of entries, it is impossible to seek through each participant and keep a check on whether they are rightfully deserving or not. It might not be possible for you, but there are specific machines which make your work so much easier. Social Media Management tools help brands keep track of their contest entries and eliminate users who did not follow the rules correctly.

Pick a winner!

Choosing a winner can be a daunting task, especially because many people have the assumption that brands choose people that are one of their own. To pick a rightfully deserving winner, you can once again take help from any authentic social media management tool. It will ensure that the participant has followed all the rules and then pick a winner through a lucky draw for you.


Once the winner has been picked, and the prize has been rightfully given, it is time to check the statistics. Compare your company's engagement during the entire contest period and determine how positively it impacted your company. Moreover, whatever your objective was for the contest, compare it to the pre-contest stats see whether you achieved what you aimed for or not. The results will undoubtedly be better and will help you determine whether you should opt for a contest again in the future or not.


Twitter contests always show some positive outcomes for any brands that host them. Not only do people have the motivation to aim for the prize, but brands love the engagement that comes with it. If you are a brand aiming to host a competition but unsure how to start, we hope this article helped you!

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