How to run a social media giveaway to increase your reach

If you have been active on social media, you must have heard of a social media giveaway. Have you wondered why those people are running such giveaways?

What is a social media giveaway?

A social media giveaway is a freebie that you offer your followers or audience on social media for simple tasks which you by which the winner is by chance. However, you can involve some competitive elements to make it more exciting, but awards are based on chance.

Why host a social media giveaway?

Why? You should know that social media giveaway has many advantages, and that is why you should run it. Such include that it helps you to increase your social media engagement, build brand awareness for your company, conduct market research, among. What's more? Running a social media giveaway is relatively cheap, even with its many advantages.

Things to take care of while running a social media giveaway;

Understand your objective

The reason you want to run a social media giveaway should be clear. Such reasons or objectives could increase the number of your followers, grow your email list, increase your brand awareness, conduct market research, or something else.

Pick a social media platform

You must pick a particular platform and maintain a strong social media presence there. Some platforms can have some advantages for some businesses over others. This could also be decided by the kind of audience you want to engage with.

Decide on the prize

You want to want sure that the Prize you are planning to give is enticing and valuable to your followers and audiences. If it's not, you might not see much engagement in the giveaway. Also, make sure the Prize is equal to the tasks your audience and followers are engaging on.

Decide on hashtags

You should make sure that you use hashtags. Deciding on the best hashtags is important as a good hashtag would amplify engagements on the social media giveaway. Also, try to use hashtags that no one has used.

Draft a plan to suit your purpose

You should devise a plan to help promote your giveaway plan. Such factors that you should include are; the Prize, the timeline for the giveaway, the mode of participation, the rules for the giveaway, the method of announcing the winner of the giveaway.

Social media giveaway ideas you can use today

Some of the best social media giveaway you could use include the following;

Run a Photo Contest.

This kind of contest lets your followers and audience engage in creating something themselves. You can ask them to create or share a certain kind of photo, and then you select the best out of all the photos share or posted. Ensure to use a hashtag for the photo contest to amplify engagements and even drawn new followers. Photo contest lets users share and post content that promotes your brand.

Run a Referral Contest.

This is one of the best tactics you can employ to increase your social media engagement. Entrants into the contest have to share the hashtag with other people, and more people get to know your brand. A referral contest is great for helping your brand grow its following.

Run a Hashtag Contest.

Sitting up your hashtag for any contest lets you measure the social media engagement you are getting from a contest. Some apps and software such as Rafflepress can help you measure you will get the most referral for your social media, and that will be the winner of the contest.

Vote-To-Win Contest.

People love to share their own idea. In the vote-to-win contest, their vote will act as an entry. They can easily comment or vote on the comment section, or you can also create an Instagram stories poll. This kind of contest allows you to collect a lot of market research data.

Social Media Scavenger Contest.

This contest often involves all the social media platforms, and you can lay easter eggs in your posts that your followers have to solve. Remember to put in a countdown timer as the hunt starts to make it more fun.

Proven contest prize ideas for viral giveaways

To make your giveaway competitive, offer good value to your followers and audience. The following are some of the best prizes that you could use;

Your products

Having the giveaway prize as a good or product related to your brand is a good option. It could be anything from product samples to membership cards. Make for that it's worth that effort that your audience will put into the contest or giveaway.

Gift cards

You can also use gift cards as the contest prize. Visa gift cards that the winner can use anywhere is advisable he or she wants. If your brand has its own gift card that you will be the best.

Popular products

Using hot products that are trending will make your contest get more engagements, making your brand and page getting more popular. You can also use newly launched products as the Prize. For example, if you would iPhone 12 when it was launched as the Prize of your contest, we bet you would be getting a huge number of followers, clicks, likes, and engagements.


The Prize being cash is another good way to encourage participation and get engagements. If you are using cash, make sure it's a large amount and is worth the people's effort in the contest. Holidays and easonal items are also great options as prizes for your giveaway. Check out popular items linked to a forthcoming holiday and use them as the Prize for your giveaway.

How to announce a giveaway winner

Create a Winner Announcement Post on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. To announce the winner of a contest, thank everyone for participating in the contest. Then tell the name of the singer of the contest. You can also use the social media winner's handle on the social media where you are making the post. Then add a link to the giveaway land page so that followers will see it and check out more information. You can also include a photo of the Prize on this to get more engagement on the post.

Create a giveaway winner announcement blogpost

On your blog, make a blog detailing the contest's story, the rules, the Prize, winner, etc. Also, include the handle of the winner. This blog post is intended to create more engagements for your blog and your social media list.

The benefits of promotional giveaway on social media for brands

There are so many reasons why brands and individuals engage in social media giveaways. Some of them are;
• To create and promote your social media for More Social Engagement.
• To increase brand awareness for your company and its products.
• You can also use giveaways to Build Brand Loyalty and keep your customers coming back.
• Giveaways help to get more customers, make more sales, and ultimately grow your business.
• It is a kind of word-of-mouth marketing for your products and services.
• You can also use the opportunity for giveaways to conduct market research and get information from the users of your products.
• You can also use giveaways to increase your email list, which can help you communicate and sell more to your customers.

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