How to write better Medium blogs in 2022?

If you are looking to reach a new audience with your content, Medium is a great place to start. Medium is a free and open platform for sharing longer-form, more thought-out content. Of course, given Medium's open-access nature, it isn't the only form of content available.
If you are looking to reach a new audience with your content, Medium is a great place to start. Medium is a free and open platform for sharing longer-form, more thought-out content. Of course, given Medium's open-access nature, it isn't the only form of content available. There are no challenges for writers who use Medium to blog and earn money. Anyone can earn a fair living while using this platform to further their writing career.

What is Medium?

Medium is an open social publishing platform that hosts a wide range of stories, ideas, and opinions. Anyone can write for Medium, and popular topics range from mental health to social media, as well as foreign events, trending news, and productivity tips.

Why you should write on Medium in 2022?

Medium is making significant investments in giving writers everything they need to create distinctive, high-quality content. There are several reasons to start writing on Medium.

Free and easy: Writing on Medium is free, and your stories can be shared with your followers as well as millions of readers who follow related topics. Anyone with a Medium account can write right away; there is no further vetting process involved after signing up.

Get paid, even as a newbie: You can get paid for the stories you create and the audiences you grow. Furthermore, if you are new to blogging, adopting Medium gives you a big edge. The existence of a platform that will pay you for your work and allow you to establish a writing career. It's the best of both worlds!

Reach a new audience for your content: Medium has enormous potential for reaching out to new audiences, expanding your email list, and generating leads for your business. Any online business's most valuable asset is its email list. Having an email list will help you increase your revenue and create meaningful relationships with your audience.

Create a personal blog: By combining many tools accessible on the site, you can build a magnificent personal blog for yourself or your business on Medium. As long as you’re consistently publishing great posts and you have talent and creativity, eventually, you’ll hit a home run.

10 tips for Medium!

Here are the 10 tips for publishing great content on Medium in 2022:

Study medium guidelines: It is critical to grasp the rules of the game, just as it is with everything else in life. Before you start, you should understand the rules.

Write a clear headline: On Medium, first impression matters. With people having a short attention span on the internet, you only have a few seconds to capture the attention. Do that by writing a compelling title and subtitle for your story.
Your story should be original: It is critical to communicate your own opinions in your Medium stories. Don't merely collect other people's work; don't plagiarize. Aside from losing readers, you could be banned from using the platform.

Avoid CTAs: Most people dislike 'sale-sy' content. Readers report finding frequent calls to action to sign up for a newsletter to be unpleasant. Consider removing all CTAs from your article.

Avoid clickbait headlines: The credibility of news items is greatly diminished by clickbait titles. There are several websites that use clickbait headlines. Medium does not wish to be one of them.

Put a nice image in your story: The image is the first piece of visual content that the reader sees, so make a strong first impression by choosing an image that is relevant to your story. A good image can help make your story more readable and memorable. Also, avoid using copyrighted photos.

Add Alt text for SEO: Remember to optimize your stories for search engines. If you use alt text for every image, search engines will find them easily, your page will have higher SEO, and it will be more accessible than before.

Format articles for Medium curation: When you publish a story on Medium, you can add up to three tags that will show at the bottom of your piece. Format your articles' citations and tags to maximize their reads, views, and engagement on Medium.
Choose article tags: Tags are similar to hashtags in the Medium ecosystem. Medium highly advises using five tags in your posts. You can examine the most frequently used tags from time to time and select the ones that are relevant to your type of content.

Submit your article to publications: Medium hosts hundreds of publications. Submitting your content to publications can help you reach a wider audience. Aside from their homepage and email distribution, some journals will spread your work on a variety of different channels, such as Twitter, LinkedIn, Quora, and so on.

Let’s get started…

Medium values high-quality content. As a result, masterpieces are recommended to a wider audience. Getting the exposure you need will require your content to be original, well-written, well-thought-out, and honest. Follow the tips in this article to write better blogs on Medium in 2022.

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Medium is a social publishing platform where a wide variety of stories, ideas, and viewpoints are shared.
You can support the authors you enjoy by subscribing to Medium for only $5 a month. Paying for a subscription is the only way you can directly support the writers you believe should be compensated for their work on Medium because authors there only make money when readers read their content.
Publications are collaborative places for articles. A single Medium user account can add additional user accounts as editors and authors after creating a publication. As a result, a Publication just serves as a "container" for Stories that users have written.
Writing on Medium is free, and the stories you post may be read by millions of readers who are interested in related subjects in addition to your following.
Anyone is able to post on Medium. It's simple to get started, and they give you the freedom to concentrate more on big ideas and less on getting clicks, whether you've never written before or are capable of creating a complete book.
The ideal duration for a Medium story, according to the data scientists at Medium, is 7 minutes.