What is Clubhouse and how can brands use it?

Clubhouse, with its many special features, can be considered as a new social media format. So, how can you become a member of this platform that has become so popular so quickly in world?
There’s been a serious Clubhouse craze lately. Many new applications have entered our lives during this pandemic, while our needs for speaking with and listening to others are at a peak; however, none have had the effect of Clubhouse. Clubhouse currently only operates for a select target audience and is seen as a somewhat elitist channel, but it will find wider usage on Android devices in the future.

The app consists of a variety of chat rooms. In each of these rooms, moderated voice chats are held on predetermined topics. From academic discussions to virtual conferences, from technology to current events, and from general cultural topics to social issues, any topic you can think of has its place in these rooms.

The fact that voices do not overlap, the high quality of the target audience, and the app being both an attractive medium for entrepreneurs and suitable for creating new networks have all gotten many people hooked on Clubhouse. Clubhouse has also carried out a successful advertising campaign with the participation of several big names. Thus, we can easily say that we have a brand new social media channel here, just like Twitter, Facebook, Messenger, and YouTube.

Clubhouse, with its many special features, can be considered as a new social media format. So, how can you become a member of this platform that has become so popular so quickly in world? What should you do to get a Clubhouse invite code? How should brands position themselves on this new social media channel? Let’s explore these details.

How do you become a Clubhouse member?

The Clubhouse app offers the possibility of voice interaction through chat rooms. In a sense, the structure of this app is similar to a live podcast. Although the process of registering as a member of Clubhouse is technically quite easy, there is no general membership recruitment open at this time. To become a member, you must first download the app from the App Store and enter your basic information into the system. Your membership becomes active after SMS verification. There’s just one other step: you need to get an invite to use the app!

How do you get a Clubhouse invite code?

The Clubhouse platform currently works on an invitation-only basis. This detail further increases the appeal of the app. At the same time, this strategy has allowed the application’s managers to show that they are more attentive to the audience and the content. Of course, it is expected that this situation will not continue in the long term, but for now, to receive a Clubhouse invite, you need to get one from someone who is an active member, having previously received an invite from someone else. From time to time, some codes might be shared on Twitter. Each member has the right to extend only one invite.

Is Clubhouse available on android phones?

Clubhouse is a new social media channel in both the broader world and in world, still in the process of development. We can see similar situations in the establishment phases of all platforms, from Ekşi Sözlük to Facebook. Clubhouse is still in the process of creating its own style, atmosphere, and language, and it will definitely go through many changes over time. At least for now, what we know is that it is not yet used on Android devices.
iOS users can download the application at any time (but will still need an invite to use it). The Clubhouse developers are continuing to work on the Android version and it won’t be a surprise to see Clubhouse in the Play Store soon.

How can brands benefit from Clubhouse?

Entrepreneurs, brands, and institutions that want to develop or promote their business or services need to take action in the face of this rapid growth of Clubhouse. Clubhouse is an ideal place to reach new audiences effectively. Brands that understand this and analyze Clubhouse appropriately will come to see it as a part of their business and communication goals.
It is certain that the Clubhouse platform will quickly become an increasing trend for brands. Fast-acting investors, artists, and entrepreneurs can create audiences interactively here. Clubhouse is generally a place where topics such as entrepreneurship, social media, electronic commerce, and crypto investment are discussed in a professional framework. In this sense, it is not difficult to predict the presence of brands and institutions in these chat rooms. In particular, brands will want to use this platform effectively to add value to their communities and increase their social media interactions.

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