What is YouTube and how does it work?

YouTube has managed to make a name for itself with its strong beginning and its fast rise, especially in the last few years.
YouTube has managed to make a name for itself with its strong beginning and its fast rise, especially in the last few years. YouTube, which has added a completely different dimension to the concept of publishing, is now in its golden age. So, what exactly is YouTube? What is its history and what are its usable features?

How should strategies be developed to get more followers? What should businesses do to be effective on YouTube? We’ve prepared all of the answers to these questions for you here.

What is YouTube?

YouTube, by its official description, is an online video hosting platform. By far the most popular and dynamic video platform in the world, YouTube offers everyone the freedom to be a publisher and share videos. The company is based in the United States and it joined forces with Google in 2006. YouTube hosts millions of different videos, from musical pieces to video blogs and original videos to educational films. The videos on YouTube are uploaded directly by individual users. The site gives its users great freedom to upload, comment on, and share videos.

What is the purpose of YouTube?

The purpose of YouTube is to allow users to upload and share their videos interactively. The site, which attracts millions of people from around the world, seems to have largely achieved its goal. These YouTube users all have different purposes and motivations, and the YouTube algorithm is very good at optimizing what users will see.

YouTube statistics

YouTube statistics provide very important data, especially for the owners of YouTube channels. Each channel owner follows the digital data after uploading videos because all interactions are directly reflected in these numbers. The viewing duration, location, gender, and age of the people watching the channel are all included in these statistics. With this information, the channel owner has the ability to perform more accurate analysis for upcoming videos.

The history of YouTube

YouTube was founded in the US in 2005 on the initiative of three former PayPal employees. The platform, which emerged with the efforts of those three entrepreneurs, began its adventures with its domain name. The first video uploaded to the site, which would reach millions of people in a short time, belonged to one of the founding partners, Jawed Karim. A short video sharing images from a zoo, it is still available to view on the site.

Google bought YouTube in 2006 for $1.65 billion, a record-setting purchase for Google at that time. In 2010, YouTube reached approximately 2 billion views per day.

Which companies subsidiary is it?

YouTube is a very broad and participatory video platform that appeals to both individual users and brands. While YouTube began as an independent platform founded by the cooperation of three people, it was acquired as a subsidiary by Google shortly after its establishment. Anyone who currently has a Google account has the right to open a YouTube channel. YouTube accounts are integrated with Google accounts.

What features does YouTube offer?

Over time, the features offered by YouTube have undergone considerable changes. The site, which has updated its features almost every year to date, largely owes its success to these regular changes. YouTube’s main video format was generally FLV. When a file was downloaded from the computer, it was downloaded in this format. Therefore, the Adobe Flash plugin was also needed. Over time, the video quality has reached the level of 4K, and YouTube now supports several different formats.

Videos with formats such as AVI and MPEG can be uploaded up to the limit of 1 GB. Viewers can like videos or share their negative opinions in the comments. Channel owners can also completely disable comments if they wish.

A new version for children, YouTube Kids, was introduced in 2014. You can also view many different locations in detail from wherever you sit with the YouTube 360 experience. You can watch videos from other devices or create custom playlists.

How can businesses use YouTube?

As we mentioned above, YouTube is also creating important opportunities for businesses. Today, we see that many corporate accounts are active on YouTube. Banks, hospitals, sports clubs, other public institutions, associations, and brands in the private sector all have the opportunity to effectively promote their services on YouTube. In this regard, it is very important that companies advertise on the most appropriate channels.
Even if brands are not directly active as YouTube members, they can gain visibility through advertising. For example, sporting brands can advertise on YouTube channels that broadcast sports content. Brands suitable for the target audience can advertise on makeup channels predominantly watched by women. In addition, companies can place creative viral advertisements within the most watched videos.

How do you open a YouTube account or channel?

Opening a simple YouTube account is extremely easy. Especially after Google purchased the site, the process of creating personal channels became much faster. To open a YouTube account, your Google account must be active.

When you watch something on YouTube, you can easily see which Google account you are watching from at the top of the page. You will also see an option called “Create” in the YouTube menu.

There are some slight differences between creating a personal channel and creating an account for a brand. With a business account, you can use YouTube with a name that is different from that on your Google account. Creating a YouTube channel is free.

How do you upload videos?

In 2019, YouTube made radical changes to the process of uploading videos. The classic Studio format has been replaced by the Studio Beta format. To add a new video with this clever content studio, you need to pay attention to some certain points. First, in the upper right corner of the screen, you will see a camera icon.
When you click here, you will see two options: “Upload Video” and “Go Live.” When you click on the option for uploading a video, you will next see the option for “Select Files.”After adding the relevant information (title, tags, thumbnail, etc.) in the window that opens, it will be time to upload your video. You can also benefit from the “Preview” feature in this process.

What video formats can be uploaded?

Unfortunately, YouTube does not accept all video formats. At present, you can upload your videos smoothly in formats such as AVI, MPEG, FLV, WEBM, MP4, 3GPP, and MOV. You can easily convert unsuitable formats to an appropriate format with various converter programs.

How do you broadcast live?

When you click on the camera icon at the top of the page, you will also see an option for live broadcasting. You can start the live broadcast easily from your mobile phone, and you can broadcast live over your other social media accounts at the same time. After the live broadcast ends, you can keep the recording of it on your channel if you wish.

How can you earn and increase subscribers?

Everyone who broadcasts on YouTube naturally wants to reach as many subscribers as possible. You can follow the steps below to increase the number of your subscribers on YouTube:

• Broadcast a minimum of one new video per week.
• Don’t forget to add animation to your videos encouraging viewers to like them or subscribe to your channel.
• Focus on the quality of the videos rather than the quantity.
• Respond actively to comments.
• Edit your channel’s information.
• Do the necessary promotional activities in the field of social media.
• Use YouTube’s SEO tools.
• Create original content and use sincere language.
• Don’t make your videos too short.
• Pay attention to cover images.
• Don’t try to create content related to areas you are not an expert in or that you don’t like.

What is YouTube advertising?

YouTube ads are ads placed at the beginning and certain other parts of videos and they have the feature of being played or passed over quickly. Viewers who do not use any ad blocking tools will continue to encounter these ads. Viewers can also avoid ads by paying for YouTube membership. Companies can advertise on YouTube channels to whatever extent they wish. The advertised product or service is often directly related to the content of the channel’s videos. YouTube ads are also an important source of income for YouTubers.

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