A great Zoho Social alternative for small businesses!

Social media management tools like Zoho Social help you manage multiple social media profiles simultaneously. But is Zoho Social really the best solution?

Looking for an alternative to Zoho Social?

You don't need to be an agency or a big company to benefit from social media management tools. Even if you are a small business, a social media management tool can make your work much easier. Using a social media management tool allows you to be fully active on all platforms. You can share your content simultaneously on all the channels you have and manage all messages from your followers from a single window.

However, not all social media management tools offer the same features to their users. Considering the features you need, choosing the social media management tool that will make your work the easiest will ensure that you get the full value for the price you pay. If you cannot decide which tool to choose, you can have an idea with the comparison article we have prepared for RADAAR and Zoho Social.

Customized subscription options...

Zoho Social is a platform where you can share posts from your social media profiles in a planned way and receive reports. Zoho launched this platform for the first time in February 2015. At Zoho Social, you can find a subscription plan for the needs of every business. If you manage multiple social media accounts for a single brand, the subscription plans available for businesses may be enough for you. Or if you are an agency that manages more than 10 brands, you can take a look at the subscription options offered specifically for you.

Suitable for businesses of all sizes...

Founded in 2019, RADAAR allows both small businesses and agencies to manage their social media accounts from a single channel. And it offers solutions to businesses not only in content planning but also in tag tracking, responding to messages and comments, digital monitoring, reporting and project management. As a social media management tool, RADAAR allows you to reach your target audience in the fastest and easiest way within the framework of digital marketing. With its user-friendly interface, you can start using it immediately without any problems.

Be visible everywhere at once with just one click...

The more social media platforms your social media management tool supports, the easier it is for your brand to be visible everywhere at once with a single click. Therefore, the more social media platforms supported by the tool you choose the more time you will save.
PlatformsZoho SocialRADAAR
Facebook (Page)
Facebook (Group)
Instagram (Business)
Twitter (User)
LinkedIn (Organization)
LinkedIn (Person)
TikTok (User)
Pinterest (Board)
Vimeo (User)
YouTube (Channel)Soon
Google (My Business)
Google (Search)
Webhook (Outgoing)
WordPress (Site)
Twilio (WhatsApp Business)
Twilio (SMS)
Telegram (Bot)

More than social media management...

If the social media management tool you choose only helps you plan content, you may not be able to build a close relationship with your followers and you may miss the progress of the accounts you manage. For this reason, it is very important to choose tools with digital monitoring and reporting features for your brand to achieve success on social media.
FeaturesZoho SocialRADAAR
Social Media Scheduler
- Customizable Calendar
- Best Time To Post
- Special Days Calendar
- Hashtag Manager
- Bulk (CSV) Import
- Chain Comments
- Spintax
Social Inbox
- Quick Replies
- Google Translate
- Winner Picker
Social Monitoring
- Customizable Reports
URL Shortener
- Custom Domain
- Link In Bio
- QR Code Generator
Landing Pages
Password Vault
Task Manager
Team Collaboration
Multiple Subscription
Mobile AppiOS, AndroidiOS, Android, Huawei

To increase your productivity in your work...

Today, integrations are critical to increase business efficiency. If you want to work more efficiently while doing your job, you should choose software that can integrate with other tools. RADAAR always supports you to work more efficiently with the powerful integrations it offers.
IntegrationsZoho SocialRADAAR
Google Drive
Microsoft OneDrive
Google Translate
Google NLPSoon

Benefit from reasonable price options with RADAAR...

When choosing a social media management tool, subscription and pricing options are as important as the features and integrations it provides. Choosing a tool that you can feel comfortable with your preferred subscription will also save you money. You can customize the number of social media profiles and users of the subscription plan you choose in RADAAR according to your needs. This way, if you need to manage a new social media profile, you do not need to upgrade to a higher package. In Zoho Social, there are separate package options for businesses and agencies. Unfortunately, subscription plan fees are quite high compared to RADAAR.
PlanZoho SocialRADAAR
Subscription PlanPremiumPremium
Social Media Profiles96
- Additional$3/mo
Social Media Scheduler
Social Inbox
Social Monitoring
URL Shortener
Password Vault
Task Manager
- Additional$2/mo
Trail Period14 days14 days
Credit Card Required
Multiple Subscription

Always reach the support team easily…

In this regard, RADAAR stands out more than Zoho Social with its articles and training videos where you can find answers to all your problems. You can find everything you are curious about in the articles or you can watch it in practice with the help of training videos. Apart from this, you can share your problems and experiences by communicating with its Facebook community and share the questions and experiences of other users in the community. If you want to get one-on-one help, you can always reach the support team easily via e-mail. If you want help with Zoho Social, you can watch videos on how to use the tool. They also provide articles to help you solve your problems. If you can't find the answers you are looking for in these articles or if you need help on a different topic, you can contact the support team by e-mail.

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Zoho Social is a social media management tool that helps businesses and agencies expand and grow their social media presence.
Create your Zoho Social account. Connect all channels of your brand to your account.
The account remains active. It is automatically switched to the free plan.
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Zoho Social has a trial period of 15 days.