How can I connect my Mastodon account?

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How can I link my Mastodon account?

To connect a Mastodon account to RADAAR, you must first create and copy its access token. Then you can follow the steps below:

1. From the left menu, navigate to Settings and switch to Channels tab.
2. Click to Connect button and select the Mastodon (User) option.
3. Enter your Server URL, paste the Token you generated for your Mastodon account into the Access Token field.
4. If your Mastodon server supports a character limit other than the default, enter it in the Character Limit field.
5. Click to Add button to connect your Mastodon account.

If you wish, you can watch the training video in which we explain in detail how you can do all these, at

How can I generate a token for my Mastodon account?

To connect your Mastodon account to RADAAR, you must first create a Token:

1. Go to your Mastodon server with a web browser.
2. If you are not logged in, log in to your account first.
3. Click to Edit Profile and switch to Development.
4. Click to New Application and fill in all required fields.
5. Be sure that you selected Read, Write and Follow scopes and click to Submit button.
6. Click on the name of the application you created and copy the Your Access Token.
7. Copy the generated token to paste it into RADAAR.

If you wish, you can watch the training video in which we explain in detail how you can do all these, at

How can I connect multiple Mastodon accounts?

You can connect multiple Mastodon accounts to your subscription, even if they belong to different Mastodon servers. The connecting process is exactly the same as connecting your first profile.

What kinds of content am I allowed to share on my Mastodon account?

You can create and schedule content in Single Image, Video, Photo Album, Link or Text type to be published on your Mastodon account. Unfortunately, there is no carousel, story or reel type content available on Mastodon. Therefore, if you choose the Carousel content type, your content will be published as Photo Album. If you select Story or Reel type and upload a video, it will be published as a normal video.

Please note that Mastodon allows you to share a maximum of 4 images in a Photo Album. If you upload more than 4 images, the first 4 will be shared in your Mastodon account.

How can I publish a pool (survey) on my Mastodon account?

Currently, it is not possible to publish a poll (survey) for your Mastodon account using RADAAR. We understand that it would be helpful to have this feature, and we hope to incorporate it in the future. However, we are unable to provide an estimated time of delivery for this addition at the moment.

How can I reply to comments on my posts on my Mastodon account?

With the Social Inbox feature, you have the ability to view, respond to, and manage comments on Mastodon account more effectively. You can find all the detailed information about the Social Inbox feature on our website at