How can I connect my personal LinkedIn profile?

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How can I connect my personal LinkedIn profile?

Connecting a LinkedIn profile to RADAAR is a seamless process, requiring just a few simple steps:

1. From the left menu, navigate to Settings and switch to Channels tab.
2. Click to Connect button and select the LinkedIn (Person) option.
3. If you are not logged in to LinkedIn, log in first.
4. To grant access to RADAAR, simply click the Allow button on the LinkedIn authorization screen.

How can I connect multiple LinkedIn personal profiles?

You can connect multiple LinkedIn personal profiles to RADAAR. Before connecting each profile to RADAAR, please ensure that you are logged into LinkedIn with that profile in a separate browser tab. This will allow you to effectively connect multiple LinkedIn personal profiles to RADAAR.

Why does my personal LinkedIn profile frequently experience disconnections?

There are several potential reasons for the consistent disconnection of a personal LinkedIn profile. Please review these to address the issue:

1. Have you recently changed the password for your LinkedIn user account?
2. Did you recently enable two-factor authentication?
3. Is there a possibility that your LinkedIn account might get suspended and require reactivation?

Please review all these potential issues and proceed to reconnect your personal LinkedIn profile to RADAAR.

What type of content can I share on my personal LinkedIn profile?

With the Scheduler feature, you have the ability to effortlessly create and schedule various types of content for your personal LinkedIn profile. Whether it's Text, Single Image, Video, Link, Gallery, or Carousel, you can easily schedule it to be automatically published at your preferred times.

How can I publish a carousel post on my personal LinkedIn profile?

You can publish carousel posts on your personal LinkedIn profile or company page. All you have to do is select the Carousel type for your post and upload your images. RADAAR will automatically convert your images to a PDF and publish them as a carousel on your selected profile.

How can I publish articles on my LinkedIn personal profile?

Unfortunately, you cannot yet publish an article with RADAAR on your LinkedIn personal profile or LinkedIn company page. We would like to bring this option in the future. But unfortunately, I'm not able to share a delivery date with you at the moment.

How can I publish an event or pool (survey) on LinkedIn?

Currently, it is not possible to publish an event or poll for your personal LinkedIn profile or company page using RADAAR. We understand that it would be helpful to have this feature, and we hope to incorporate it in the future. However, we are unable to provide an estimated time of delivery for this addition at the moment.

How can I publish a story or reel on my personal LinkedIn profile?

Regrettably, LinkedIn does not support the posting of stories or reels as content types. If you attempt to publish such content via RADAAR, it will be displayed as a standard image or video on your selected personal profile or company page on LinkedIn.

How can I reply to comments and messages on my personal LinkedIn profile?

Unfortunately, the LinkedIn API does not yet support managing comments and messages from personal profiles. Therefore, you cannot manage the comments and messages of your personal LinkedIn profile with RADAAR's Social Inbox feature.