How can I connect my WordPress site?

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How can I connect my WordPress website?

Connecting a WordPress website to RADAAR can require some technical knowledge. Therefore, we recommend that you benefit from the detailed training video we have prepared on this subject at

Please note, in order to benefit from all the features of RADAAR, the related user account to which you will connect your WordPress website must have the Administrator or Editor role.

And please remember that the Application (App) Password and the User Account Password you will use during the connection process are two separate things. You can also connect your WordPress site to RADAAR by creating an Application (App) Password for the relevant user.

Why can't I connect my WordPress website?

If you cannot connect your WordPress website to RADAAR as shown in our detailed training video at, there may be many reasons for this:

1. The issue can be related with one or more plugins. They probably block the Rest API access for your WordPress website:
2. Or you need to install additional plugins to activate Rest API according to your WP version or settings: or
3. Or your hosting has some firewall/WAF security rules which block our requests. When our system makes a request, it passes the word RADAAR in the User-Agent parameter. Using this information, you can define a special rule on your firewall and allow our system.

Unfortunately, since we are not experts in WordPress, this is the only information we can provide regarding this issue. If there is someone around you who is an expert on WordPress and from whom you can get help, we recommend that you contact her/him. If you think the problem is related to your firewall settings, you can also try contacting your hosting company.

How can I connect multiple WordPress websites?

With RADAAR you can connect multiple WordPress websites. The connecting process is exactly the same as connecting your first WordPress website. Therefore, we recommend that you benefit from the detailed training video we have prepared on this subject at

What type of content can I share on my WordPress website?

With the Scheduler feature, you have the ability to effortlessly create and schedule various types of content for your WordPress website. All content you publish will be published as a blog post on your WordPress website.

Whether it's Text, Single Image, Video, Link, or Gallery, you can easily schedule it to be automatically published at your preferred times. If you choose the Carousel type for your content, it will be published as Photo Album. If you select Story or Reel and upload a video file, it will be published as Video.

How can I reply to comments on blog posts of my WordPress website?

With our Social Inbox feature, you can view and reply to comments on your blog posts on your WordPress website. You can find all the detailed information about the Social Inbox feature on our website at