How can I connect my YouTube channel?

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How can I connect my YouTube channel?

Connecting a YouTube channel to RADAAR is a seamless process, requiring just a few simple steps:

1. From the left menu, navigate to Settings and switch to Channels tab.
2. Click to Connect button.
3. Select the YouTube (Channel) option and click to Sign in with Google button.
4. Sign in with or select the account your YouTube channel belongs to.
5. Select the YouTube channel you want to connect.
6. Click Continue to authorize RADAAR.

Kindly be aware that to connect a YouTube channel, you must either be the owner of the channel, or a Manager/Owner on a Brand account.

How can I connect multiple YouTube channels?

You can connect multiple YouTube channels to your subscription. The connecting process is exactly the same as connecting your first channel.

What kinds of content am I allowed to share on my YouTube channel?

You can create, schedule and publish regular videos or shorts on your YouTube channel. If you choose Video content type for your post, your content will be published as normal video, if you choose Reel or Story content type, your content will be published as short. If you choose Single Image, Carousel, Photo Album, Link or Text content type, the files you upload will be converted to 9:16 video format and shared as short.

How can I upload a cover photo for the content I will publish on my YouTube channel?

You can change the cover photo for the content you will publish on your YouTube channel by uploading a custom image or selecting a frame from your video. To do this, you can use the Upload or Select A Thumbnail feature after uploading your video file. If you do not upload or select a cover photo, YouTube will choose a random frame from your video file as the cover photo.

May I include tags for the video that I intend to publish on my YouTube channel?

Once you've created your post and selected your YouTube channel, you can add tags for your content in the YouTube Publishing Options section at the bottom. You can also set additional options for how your content will be published.

How can I publish content in the Community Tab of my YouTube channel?

Unfortunately, the YouTube Data API does not yet allow publishing content for the Community Tab. However, if Google brings this support for its API in the future, we will be able to provide this possibility.

How can I reply to comments on my YouTube channel?

With the Social Inbox feature, you have the ability to view, respond to, and manage comments on YouTube channel more effectively. You can find all the detailed information about the Social Inbox feature on our website at