What subscription plans are available?

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What does the Basic plan cover?

The Basic plan is specifically tailored for individuals in need of fundamental social media management capabilities. It encompasses essential functions such as post scheduling and publishing, as well as basic team collaboration features. Ideally, this plan suits users who handle a limited number of social media profiles and publish a moderate amount of content. With the Basic plan, you can connect 3 social media profiles and schedule and publish up to 90 posts per month. This plan is available for a monthly fee of $9.99 and does not offer customization options for increased limits. For a comprehensive overview of the Basic plan, please visit our website at https://rdar.li/pricing, where you can find all the details and information you need.

What does the Premium plan cover?

The Premium plan is designed specifically for growing businesses, making it an ideal choice. With this plan, you can initially connect up to 6 social media profiles, but you also have the flexibility to increase this limit in the future according to your needs. Moreover, it offers a comprehensive set of features that cater to your business requirements. You can avail all these benefits for a monthly subscription cost of just $19.99. For a comprehensive overview of the Premium plan, please visit our website at https://rdar.li/pricing, where you can find all the details and information you need.

What does the Professional plan cover?

With the Professional plan, you'll gain access to all the powerful features RADAAR has to offer. This plan allows you to effortlessly connect up to 12 social media profiles, providing you with a comprehensive management solution. Furthermore, if you ever need to expand beyond this limit, you have the flexibility to do so. All these benefits can be enjoyed at an affordable price of just $59.99 per month. For a comprehensive overview of the Professional plan, please visit our website at https://rdar.li/pricing, where you can find all the details and information you need.

How can I view and compare all available subscription plans?

You can easily compare all the subscription plans, fees, and features we offer by visiting our website at https://rdar.li/pricing.

Do you provide a trial period?

When you first sign up for RADAAR and choose a subscription plan, your 14-day trial period begins. During this time, there are no fees expected from you. However, if you provide your credit card details, your paid subscription period will commence right away.

How can I upgrade my subscription plan to access higher limits and more features?

We understand the importance of flexibility when it comes to RADAAR subscription plans. You have the freedom to adjust the limits of your plan to align with your specific requirements at any time. Whether you need to increase or decrease the limits, you have the flexibility to do so without being forced to move to the next tier of subscription. For instance, if your current subscription plan doesn't provide an adequate number of social media profiles, you have the flexibility to increase this limit based on your needs. You can do this without upgrading your subscription to a higher plan. To better understand how to effectively manage your subscription plan, we highly recommend watching the tutorial video we have prepared. You can find it at the following link: https://youtu.be/_iFxrS2Cmf8

Is it possible to create multiple subscriptions?

You have the option to create multiple subscriptions within RADAAR. The best part is that you do not need to register with separate email addresses for each subscription. Instead, you can effortlessly create multiple subscriptions under a single user account and seamlessly switch between them. We refer to this as the Multi-Subscription model. Think of it as similar to Google Ads' ad accounts or Meta's business accounts.

This feature is especially beneficial for those who manage social media profiles for multiple brands or work in large teams. By leveraging the Multi-Subscription model, you can effectively organize your content and team members, ensuring efficiency across different brands.

However, if you only have a few social media profiles to manage, a single subscription will suffice for your needs. Rest assured, RADAAR offers flexibility to accommodate various user requirements.

Is there an additional discount available for an annual subscription?

At RADAAR, we offer a 20% discount on all subscription plans when purchased on an annual basis. We highly recommend you to thoroughly evaluate if RADAAR is the right fit for your needs before committing to an annual purchase. It's important to note that once a purchase has been made, we are unable to offer any refunds, regardless of the circumstances.

Do you offer additional discounts for non-profit organizations?

We are proud to offer a generous 50% discount to support non-profit organizations. If you represent a non-profit organization, please reach out to us at https://rdar.li/non-profit to explore how we can assist you.

How to manage your subscription?

Don't forget to check out the tutorial video we've prepared on how to effectively manage your subscription plan. It will provide you with step-by-step guidance and help you make the most out of your RADAAR experience.

How do I go about canceling or deleting my subscription?

You have the flexibility to cancel and permanently delete your subscription whenever you want. If you want to cancel and delete your subscription on RADAAR, please follow these steps:

1. From the left menu, navigate to Settings.
2. Go to the Channels tab and remove all the linked profiles associated with your subscription.
3. Next, switch to the Subscription tab and ensure that you clear your credit card information.
4. Finally, click on the Delete Subscription button to completely cancel your subscription.

Could I receive a refund if my satisfaction is not met?

Kindly be aware that according to our Terms of Service, we are unable to offer refunds in any situation. Therefore, we strongly recommend that you commence your paid subscription only after confirming that RADAAR fulfills your requirements.

You can find our complete Terms of Service at https://www.radaar.io/legal-policies-and-procedures-354/terms-of-service-357/.

Is there a lifetime deal currently offered for RADAAR?

Previously, we successfully launched two lifetime deal campaigns on AppSumo. However, those campaigns are no longer available as they have come to an end. Presently, we do not offer any lifetime deal options, and we have no plans to run similar campaigns in the future. To access RADAAR, you can choose from our range of monthly subscription plans.