Here's the behind the scenes of Orgbrain's success on social media!

The growing power of social media has allowed Orgbrain to take its communications efforts to the next level. Now let's listen to the details of Orgbrain's success on social media from Are Stegane...
Orgbrain is a SaaS company that offers Board Management Software to the Board of Directors, and CEOs based in Norway. With Orgbrain, you can create meetings and send invitations, hold board meetings, secure storage in the cloud, free e-signature and it has many great features for executives!

Like many organizations, social media management takes important place for Orgbrain. Orgbrain was looking for a platform to smooth out their social media management process to increase website traffic which will create more leads, trial requests, and increase sales. RADAAR’s easy-to-use and simple scheduling feature immediately became a noticeable and essential spot in Orgbrain’s social media management. The team would now be able to work all the more proficiently and save time.

Read on to learn more about the success story of Orgbrain from Are Stegane.

Attract more people!

Orgbrain creates posts, shares its blog posts and webinars mainly. They also run a lot of advertising on social media for lead magnet materials which are PDFs with related information to the field. They share and advertise PDFs of specific values and exchange those PDFs for an e-mail address. The team shares content on social media to attract more people and get sign-ups for trials. There are numerous KPIs that Orgbrain takes seriously, such as visitors, leads, marketing qualified leads, etc. They have different goals based on the campaigns with a variety of metrics.

Simplicity, and brand new features...

Orgbrain was using different social media management tools before RADAAR, but they were looking for an easier to use platform. They discovered RADAAR while searching the most suitable platform for them. The Scheduler feature is their most frequently used feature, as it allows them to keep up with content sharing regularly. RADAAR would be best for them to manage their content with its user interface, simplicity, and brand new features.

Collaborate with your teammates...

Not only the Scheduler feature, but the Orgbrain team is also using RADAAR for team discussion. “Together with the teammate, we create our content drafts on RADAAR then we are discussing and deciding the latest version.”, Are said.

Seen by more people!

Choosing the right hashtags help brands, organizations to reach more people on social media channels. RADAAR's Hashtag Manager helps with trending hashtags and suggestions. Orgbrain can search for hashtags suitable for its own content and can create hashtag templates upon reuse. This feature helps them to reach more people with different content.

Bring all your conversations into one place...

Managing and replying to comments might be difficult for many brands and organizations because they are on more than one social media platform. Orgbrain has many social media profiles on different platforms. They are getting comments, replies from their followers on various channels. The team is doing this work and managing all the comments from one place, using Quick Replies with RADAAR. And all of those features RADAAR has helped them diminish 50% of the time they were spending to manage their social media profiles.

Increase your productivity!

Without RADAAR, they could've done all the things manually, which would cause a lot of time and would be overwhelming for the team. With the intelligent choice of Orgbrain, RADAAR saves a lot of time in their workflow now.

Great customer support...

RADAAR's team is constantly improving and developing new features for its users. It is appealing to anyone who is interested in social media management and digital marketing. Based on the experience of the Orgbrain team, customer support can assist you with any problem you may be experiencing in a timely and efficient manner.

Join the Professionals!

You can use RADAAR, like Orgbrain, to make social media management easier for your organization and team. Now is the time to join the professionals who rely on RADAAR to make social media management easier.

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