Let's take a look behind the scenes of TheFork's success on social media!

The growing power of social media has enabled TheFork to further its communication efforts. Now let's listen to the behind-the-scenes of TheFork's success on social media from Alexander King...
TheFork, a Tripadvisor Co., offers more than 80,000 restaurants available at any time, at the best price, in many countries worldwide! And being available at many places means managing different social media platforms for TheFork, a Tripadvisor Co.

TheFork, a Tripadvisor Co. Team, wanted to streamline their social media publishing process to have extra time to connect with followers and have relationships with users. RADAAR’s simple scheduling quickly earned it an important place in TheFork, a Tripadvisor Co. team’s workflow. Now members work more efficiently and save time.

Read on to hear more about TheFork, a Tripadvisor Co.’s RADAAR success story from Alexander King.

Reach, amplify, and engage with your audience...

TheFork, a Tripadvisor Co., is mainly creating the content based on the restaurant they partner with. They share specific cousins or foods from the restaurants, promote discounts, and give their followers various recipes. With all the accounts they have, TheFork, a Tripadvisor Co., can reach, enlarge, and engage with its audience — regardless of where they are. By connecting with their target audience through one click, they can generate brand awareness.
TheFork, a Tripadvisor Co., is operating in different countries, locations, and so are restaurants. They aim to reach their target audience based on a number of measurements. There are plenty of indicators TheFork, a Tripadvisor Co., is taking seriously, such as interactions, reach numbers, views, etc.

Consistency is the key!

“One of the most important things when it comes to social media is consistency in interactions between brand and audience. Most of the time, it is hard to manage your content schedule manually.” Alexander said.

Sharing content regularly...

TheFork, a Tripadvisor Co., started looking for social media management tools and came across RADAAR. The most used feature for them is Social Media Scheduler which helps them to stick with the content sharing regularly. They tried much similar software before they came across RADAAR. They decided it was best for them to manage all their content with RADAAR’s interface and the scheduler feature. The feature TheFork, a Tripadvisor Co., use most frequently is Scheduler. TheFork, a Tripadvisor Co., can schedule an entire month on social media channels so that the team can sit back and have more time for other things.

All in one place!

They significantly reduced the time they were spending to manage its social media after RADAAR. RADAAR became an indispensable and trustworthy platform to manage the accounts for TheFork, a Tripadvisor Co. team. TheFork, a Tripadvisor Co., has different accounts on different platforms that take time and effort to manage them separately. With RADAAR, everything is all in one place and less manual management required for TheFork, a Tripadvisor Co. Without RADAAR, TheFork, a Tripadvisor Co., wouldn’t have the same social management as it has now and would have struggled to aim to reach its goal.

Helping with any problem...

The RADAAR team is continuously improving and creating new features for its users. It appeals to everyone interested in social media management, digital marketing. TheFork, a Tripadvisor Co. team’s experience, can tell customer support take a given feedback more cautiously and help with any problem you might face expeditiously.

Join the professionals!

Like TheFork, a Tripadvisor Co., you can use RADAAR to make your social media management easier for your organization and your team. Join the professionals who rely on RADAAR to make social media management expedite now.

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