Here's the behind the scenes of Wild and Free Foundation's success on social media!

The growing power of social media has also allowed the Wild and Free Foundation to advance its communications efforts. Now let's listen to the behind-the-scenes of Wild and Free Foundation's success on social media from Zane Grobbelaar...
Wild and Free Foundation is a 501 c3 non-profit organization committed to preserving nature, enabling the cycle of life to function as it was designed to. They focus on engaging with communities through sport (soccer), technology, and education in rural areas in Southern Africa in order to protect wildlife from the outside-in against poaching. Wild and Free Foundation engages with communities about the conservation and the socio-economic benefits of wildlife, currently focusing on Mozambique, Namibia and Zimbabwe.
Many organizations, particularly non-profits like Wild and Free Foundation, rely heavily on social networking. They required a social media management tool to boost their online presence. In this regard, social media presence assists them in gaining more supporters and raising awareness about what they are doing, why they are doing it, and who they are. They discovered RADAAR while looking for a platform with multi-functionality and a user-friendly interface. RADAAR's different and valuable features become indispensable in managing Wild and Free Foundation's social media profiles.

Read on to learn more about the success story of Wild and Free Foundation from co-founder Rohan Nel and Social Media Responsible Zane Grobbelaar.

Increase the presence...

Wild and Free Foundation mostly shares content regarding its soccer project, the Rhino Cup Champions League, sponsors' and wildlife content. Increasing their social media presence is an essential priority for the organization. There are various techniques to expand your social media reach, but most of us can't overlook the importance of hashtags in this regard. It is essential to analyze and understand trends in order to maximize your visibility on social media networks. This method will help you in gaining organic traffic.
They are utilizing RADAAR's Hashtag Manager function to expand their reach, which influences their presence. They can now locate relevant hashtags for their content without having to spend time manually looking for hashtags.

Consistency is critical...

With a stronger presence, Wild & Free Foundation intends to expand its efforts to other parts of Southern Africa. That is why they use the Scheduler feature on a regular basis in order to grow their profile by publishing content on a consistent and long-term basis.

More efficient, more time...

The team needs to manage the content about the sponsors by tagging the relevant profiles to the posts. Many organizations, such as Wild and Free Foundation, rely on effective and long-term sponsorship. Prior to RADAAR, the platform they were utilizing did not allow Wild and Free Foundation to tag users. They were executing this task manually, which was time-consuming. But, thanks to RADAAR's Tag A User tool, the organization can now do this fast and efficiently.
"The most difficult aspect was tagging our sponsors to content utilizing a social media management platform. This was not possible with the prior platform we were utilizing. That's why we had to do it manually, which took time." they said.

Collaborate with your team...

It may be difficult to keep track of duties and responsibilities while managing and leading a team. Especially when it comes to social media management, each member should be on the same page as everyone else to avoid any mistakes that might be harmful to the brand, company, or organization. It is always good to have a sustainable and simplistic way to evaluate and track team members. In this regard, RADAAR’s Task Manager feature is assisting Wild and Free Foundation’s team in organizing and tracking their workflow. The Task Manager assists the team when specific information has to be provided or performed by the team or when each member’s obligations are unclear.

Fast customer support...

Every day, the RADAAR team works to enhance and add new features. Anyone interested in social media management and digital marketing will find RADAAR to be appealing and trustworthy in their work. According to Wild and Free Foundation’s team experience, RADAAR’s Customer Support can help you with any difficulty you may be experiencing in a timely and efficient manner. That is the most important component when it comes to receiving assistance as soon as possible if you need it.

Join the professionals now!

You can use RADAAR, like Wild and Free Foundation, to make social media management easier for your organization and team. Now is the time to join the professionals who rely on RADAAR to make social media management easier.

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