Behind the scenes of's success in social media!

The increasing power of social media has enabled to further its communication efforts. Now let's listen to behind the scenes of's success in social media from Merve İnanduçar and Buse Karabulut..., whose aim is to bring job seekers and employers together under a single platform, has been continuing its activities nonstop since 2000. guides individuals to climb the career ladder with various job postings and provides great convenience to companies that are in the position of employers. They strive to bring individuals into business life, also reaches people from all age groups. Also, they try to enlighten the candidates who enter the website with their blog posts and answer the questions like "What should be done in the current business life?", "How to draw a better career plan?"

The reason that has become one of the most successful addresses in the field of online human resources services in a short time is the extremely strong communication efforts it carries out with no doubt.

The increasing power of social media has enabled to further its communication efforts. Now let's listen to behind the scenes of's success in social media from Merve İnanduçar and Buse Karabulut...

A strong social media management!

With its communication efforts, aims to reach people of all age groups, as well as reach people who are actively looking for a job or have a career goal, and touch their lives. In achieving these goals, social media has become one of the most powerful channels for them. So, what kind of activities does do on social media?

Presence of quality contents on social media...

Continuously producing and publishing content in order to keep the interest of existing followers alive and to gain new followers is the basis of's work on social media. However, sometimes it is not easy to create content and publish it on time. At this point,, which meets with RADAAR, can easily prepare, plan and automatically publish its content thanks to its Scheduler feature.

Benefits of special days...

It is not easy to produce new content constantly, especially for instant and active environments such as social media., on the other hand, can use RADAAR's Special Days Calendar to closely follow the special days in that week and easily produce creative content for those days. Thus, by attracting the attention of their users, they strengthen the bond with them.

The importance of publishing time...

For, when the content will be published is just as important as the quality of the content it prepares. That's why wants to publish its content when its audience spends the most time on social media. Utilizing RADAAR's Best Time to Post feature, they can easily choose the best time to publish their content.

The importance of the social media inbox...

As the audience you reach on social media grows, the comments and messages you receive grows too. It is as important as preparing quality content and sharing these content at the right time to answering these messages. has also gathered all comments and messages from social media accounts in one place with RADAAR's Social Media Inbox feature. Thus, it can view comments and messages from different platforms in one place. In addition, it can constantly monitor the reputation of its brand by marking these messages as positive or negative.

Saving on time...

It is often not easy to always respond to messages from social media in the same tone. However, is able to quickly return to repetitive and similar messages without getting tired, thanks to the Quick Replies feature of RADAAR. In addition, it can easily translate incoming messages in different languages into its own language with RADAAR's Translation feature.

Teamwork order...

It takes great care and teamwork to carry out all these works completely and without giving any errors. team also organizes all their work easily thanks to the Kanban method offered by the Task Manager feature of RADAAR. Thus, it minimizes the risk of error and carries out its work without any problems.

80% time saving...

The team, which saves 80% of time with RADAAR's small but practical features, continues to add success to its success in social media management.

Increased success with customer support!, which is extremely satisfied with RADAAR's customer support, can reach RADAAR's support team at any time and get answers to any of their questions. They do not feel alone in any problem they faced.

Join the professionals!

Like, you can use RADAAR to make your social media management easier for your organization and your team. Join the professionals who trust RADAAR to make social media management easy right now.

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