10 ways to increase social media engagement!

If you are a consistent social media user, an influencer, a social media accounts manager, or looking to become one, you would aim to increase the rate at which people access your social media content.

What is social media engagement rate?

Over the years, the social media engagement rate has become an important metric most social media users look out for. It is used to measure the social media performance of a brand, person, or accounts manager's campaign or content. It simply tells you and helps you track how your audience is responding to your content. Metrics such as the number of new follows, likes, comments, impressions, retweets, and shares are used to calculate the social media engagement rate.

Why is social media engagement rate important?

Social media engagement rates are important because you can easily use them to understand things like; if customers are happy with a new product or service, what they think about it? It lets brands analyze the value of their social media content. You can also use it as a brand for advertising campaigns and to conduct market research.

What is a good social media engagement rate?

For so many years, it was a rule of thumb for a post with more than 10% engagement to be considered good social media engagement. However, as more people become participate in social media and the use of ads became prominent, 3.5%-6.5% is considered a good social media engagement rate. A 10% or 10%+ engagement rate is now seen as a very high social media engagement rate. If you are getting a 10% social media engagement rate on your posts, you are definitely doing well. But anything below 3.5% means that you have to put in some work to increase your social media engagement. Perhaps these ten ways to increase your social media engagement will be of great help to you.

10 ways to increase social media engagement rate

Analyze your current engagements.

Why are they responding to your content? Why aren't you getting more engagement from it? Are the contents your currents engagements responding to in line with your goals, etc. These are some of the questions you should try and find answers to.

Set clear engagement goals.

Do not set goals to achieve social media engagement metrics that are unrealistic. We would suggest that you make sure that the goals you set are SMART.

Encourage readers to like, comment, or share.

Make sure to encourage your followers and readers to others as these make you visible to other users, and you can have more engagements from there.

Share social media content relevant to your audience.

Post solutions to issues your followers and audiences are having. If you're a brand.

Include image or videos in your social media posts.

Adding image and videos to your social media post has been proven to increase engagements to amplify your engagements.

Have an authentic voice.

Users won't like you not having a voice of your own. Be the source of the content that you post. Be unique and match the uniqueness to your goals.

Include hashtags and emojis.

Using Hashtags and emojis work across all social media platforms. With hashtags, users will see you, and you will come on top of searches with the hashtags.

Do not leave your followers' questions unanswered.

Remember to always reply to every single direct message or chat. If you're representing a brand, you will use this opportunity to solve their problem, tell them about your products, upcoming launches, etc. This will increase your likes, comments, retweets, and followers.

Schedule your posts for the right time.

Scheduling also makes it possible to post at the best time for your audience, and you will see your engagement go up.

Take advantage of the current events or trends.

Remember always to use the current issues, events, or trends to post your content or relate to your brand. You can also point to solutions that your brand can solve in the prevalent issue. As people content on the trend on social media, the chances of them coming across your content and engaging on it is high.
Now that you know the importance of social media engagement rate and ways you can employ to increase it. It would be great if you started using those tactics for your social media post. Even while you do, remember that whatever may be your goal, good quality content matters.

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