How to manage multiple social media accounts?

Whether you are a social media manager or someone who works in digital marketing, you need to know how to properly manage multiple accounts. Otherwise, you would be unable to achieve the results that you are looking for.
Whether you are a social media manager or someone who works in digital marketing, you need to know how to properly manage multiple accounts. Otherwise, you would be unable to achieve the results that you are looking for. Juggling multiple social media accounts for different clients across various platforms is no easy task. Take a minute to think about how much time you spend switching between different social media tools every day. Wouldn’t it be better if you could use an all-in-one solution and save time? This post takes a close look at how you can master social media management and solve problems that come along the way. With the right social media management tool, you would be able to use a unified dashboard for managing various social media accounts. It would help eliminate distractions and context switching which would help boost productivity and ensure that you stay on top of the latest trend.

Use a social media management platform...

The easiest way to manage multiple social media accounts is by using a social media management platform. It makes all the difference. If you have not used it before, it is a tool that allows you to manage various accounts from a single location. Thus, you would be able to monitor each account, increase focus, and reduce context switching between different accounts and platforms. This would ensure that you are able to get things done. You can use a social media management tool such as RADAAR to streamline the following.

Create unique posts for every platform's target audience...

One of the things that you can do with a social media management platform is create unique posts for each platform’s target audience. As each social media platform is different, you need to create separate posts for each platform. Besides, your target audience requires different types of content. Every platform requires you to think differently when coming up with captions and hashtags. For instance, Instagram is a better option for including hashtags in comparison to Facebook. On the other hand, Twitter only allows 140 characters, whereas, LinkedIn permits 700 words for each post. You can use RADAAR for crafting the perfect post for each social media platform for every experience.

Curate content...

Social media managers across your industry are likely to be putting in extra effort to create amazing content that ensures that their social feed looks impeccable. This is why you need to step up your game. However, content creation and managing your calendar are two of the most challenging parts of the job. But, you can rely on a social media management tool to curate inspiration content, repurpose content that has done a remarkable job, and repost the best user-generated content.

Schedule posts ahead of time...

Another great thing that you can do with a social media management platform is schedule posts ahead of time. Every network has ideal postings times and frequency. By creating the right posting schedule, you get to save time, maintain the publishing schedule, and ensure that your posts go live at the right time. As you would get to use a central dashboard instead of platform-hopping, you would be able to post content easily and monitor audience engagement. RADAAR provides a Scheduler Content Calendar and a Best Time to Post feature that you can use for scheduling posts. With the Scheduler Content Calendar, you get to organize your content in a new and efficient way and plan upcoming posts and coordinate efforts with the team. It provides an overall snapshot of the content to gain a better perspective. On the other hand, with the Best Time to Post feature, you get to share content at high-traffic times for maximizing exposure. In addition to this, it also gives scheduling suggestions by analyzing your audience so that you can schedule your content according to the best posting times.

Engage with users who engage with your posts...

Since over half of customers say that they are more loyal towards brands that they share a human connection with, you need to engage with your customers more. This is possible by responding to them when they engage with your posts. It also shows that you care about them. With RADAAR's Social Media Inbox feature, you get to manage all your comments and messages using a single dashboard. It brings all the conversations into one place and ensures that you never miss a message so that you can improve your relationship with your audience.

Makes collaboration easy...

In addition to the above, a social media management tool makes it incredibly easy for your team members to collaborate with you. You can use the built-in approval workflows to ensure smooth collaboration. Besides, there is just so much that a person can do. As the workload increases, collaboration will play an even bigger role. You can use RAADAR's Team Collaboration features to create a platform for your team to communicate effortlessly. Create stunning content, respond to messages, share passwords with the team, and more with these features.

Track metrics that matter to your brand...

Lastly, a social media management tool can also help you keep track of metrics that matter for your brand. You need to know how each account is doing on an individual. This is only possible by tracking analytics. However, it can be extremely difficult to monitor the analytics of each individual account to find out how it is performing on your own. Hence, you need to use RADAAR’s Analytics feature which allow you to analyze, manage, and measure how each of your digital asset and content is doing. You can use the features to create meaningful reports for measuring the performance of different accounts and get recommendations for expanding your reach, engagement, and sales.

Rounding off...

Now that you know just how useful a social media management platform is for managing multiple accounts, it is about time that you gave one a try.
When you use the right tool, you will have an easier time improving your efforts and managing your team. With a centralized dashboard, there is nothing that you cannot do.

One place to organize all your brands...

Group your social media accounts into seperated subscriptions to add more structure, gain higher levels of team collaboration, and organize more completely.

What is social media management platform?

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