Benefits of using WhatsApp Business account...

All of you are surely conversant with ordinary WhatsApp and might be using it. Conventional chatting and sharing life events with WhatsApp is always fun and easy with WhatsApp. But, have you ever heard of WhatsApp Business?
All of you are surely conversant with ordinary WhatsApp and might be using it. Conventional chatting and sharing life events with WhatsApp is always fun and easy with WhatsApp. But, have you ever heard of WhatsApp Business? You are clueless about how it works and what is principal use, right? While it is often hard to assimilate new things, we have prepared this article in such a way that will simplify learning this topic. So, let us hop into the article to collect gems of precious information regarding WhatsApp Business.

What is WhatsApp Business?

Nowadays, WhatsApp is one of the most renowned global messaging channels prevalent among people. With a whopping more than 2 million users, Facebook has created an efficient business platform by including a business application named WhatsApp Business.
It is an OTT (Over The Top) chat application that affords the functionality and ease of connecting with the customers personally. To the present date, more than 3 million business users are leveraging this app to scale up their business. Basically, Over The Top applications are third-party substitutes for texting services that have been conventionally supplied by mobile network operators. WhatsApp affords swift and low-cost messages exchanged over the internet via connected smartphones, laptops, desktop computers, tablets, and smart-watches. WhatsApp Business serves the purpose of a great marketing channel when used in conjunction with other mobile channels.

Benefits of using WhatsApp Business...

Easy two-way communication

WhatsApp business provides an easy way for businesses to indulge in two-way messaging with customers via an application they are already using for their routine conversations. This application offers businesses an easy and direct channel to a number of customer communications and marketing campaigns.

Improved customer care

With the arrival of a new era, we have dumped old and frustrating customer service and support calls, never-ending routes to agents, and back-logged support e-mails. WhatsApp Business affords companies a personal and efficient environment to chat with customers in real-time. Provision of support and information to customers, WhatsApp Business helps to nurture loyalty and trust.
Brand certified conversations

For rapid development, every business must create a business profile on WhatsApp. You are enabled to add contacts, website URLs, promotional details, and much more. WhatsApp Business enables you to add multimedia to messages while chatting, incorporating images, videos, and documents.

Global reach

As WhatApp is being widely used for chatting across more than 100 countries, for making a global customer base, this makes it an effective and evasive channel for target relevant and huge audiences.
Automatically initiate more conversations

WhatsApp business has ruled out the hassle of texting the same message time and again to the customers by inserting pre-made message templates that notify the customers to take the next step and begin the conversation. WhatsApp ensures and retains the privacy of its users by promulgating strict policies for content quality and response times. Moreover, WhatsApp Business refrains from sending spammy messages and irrelevant content. Giving value to customers, WhatsApp Business obliges the business owners to respond to messages from the customers within 24 hours after being received.

Added security with customer messaging

Properly managing different regulations and compliance laws can be a huge conundrum for businesses. In order to cope with this headache, WhatsApp has incorporated beneficial features like end-to-end encryption and two-factor authentication to keep both businesses and customers safe and sound. WhatsApp Business also verifies your account upon registration.

Best features of WhatsApp Business!

Message templates: There are WhatsApp message templates that allow you to send pre-made or pre-written messages like appointment reminders, delivery updates, and other relevant conversations.

Quick replies: WhatsApp Business eliminates the hassle of sending the same message. It offers a quick replying feature that helps you craft quick responses that may be customer chat back without writing out a complete answer.

Both desktop and web convenience: You can respond to customers via multiple devices like mobiles, smartphones, or even desktop browsers. Affording vast accessibility that spans a range of devices and locations great way to ensure you are always keeping yourself abreast of your customer communication.

A branded business profile: Furnishing customers and visitors with your business address, contact information, and website URL apprises customers and assist them to find you online.

Creating a catalog: WhatsApp Business enables you to promote up to 500 products or services with a list displayed on your business profile. Catalog links can be shared on social media to assist customers to scope out business and contact you for sales and supports questions.

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