How to get verified on Twitter in 2021?

Twitter stopped receiving applications for the verification badge at the end of 2017, until May 2021. So, with this post, you can finally learn how to get verified on Twitter in 2021.
If you use Twitter, you've probably seen that certain accounts have a blue checkmark next to them. You might be asking how to achieve that verification status if you're a brand, business, or celebrity. Being verified on Twitter is a status symbol because it shows that a profile is genuine. Twitter stopped receiving applications for the verification badge at the end of 2017, until May 2021. So, with this post, you can finally learn how to get verified on Twitter in 2021.

What does Twitter verification mean?

The Twitter verification system, which was launched in June 2009, allows readers to identify between genuine significant account holders, such as celebrities and organizations, and impostors or parodies. The blue Verified symbol on Twitter indicates that a public-interest account is genuine. Your account must be genuine, prominent, and active to get the blue badge.
The checkmark does not signify Twitter's support, and it does not suggest that tweets from a verified account are always accurate or true. On social media and by reporters, people with verified Twitter accounts are commonly referred to as "blue checks."

What is the point of having a Twitter verified account?

The coveted blue verification label that shows on Twitter accounts informs users that the account is relevant to the public and, most importantly, genuine. Any verified account displays on their profile and in search results with a blue checkmark next to their username, and it always appears in the same position. Being verified on Twitter is a status symbol because it shows that a profile is genuine. Verification may assist establish trustworthiness, and it's a surefire approach for companies, corporations, and influencers to establish a reliable Twitter presence.

Who can get verified on Twitter?

Any active Twitter account can get verified on Twitter. However, some criteria determine which active accounts can be verified. In their announcement on verified accounts, Twitter mentioned a few factors that could influence which accounts they choose to verify and which they don't. The fact that the profile is of public interest is the most important factor in getting verified on Twitter.
Twitter goes on to explain that “public interest” could encompass public individuals and organizations in the following fields:

• Music, film, fashion, government, TV, journalism, media, politics, sports, business.
• Religion, as well as other relevant areas of interest. As long as your profile meets the minimum requirements (such as having a profile photo and a verified phone number), the verification process appears to be subjective in determining what is of "public interest."

How to get verified on Twitter in 2021?

If you think your business or influencer profile is ready to start the certification process, the processes are now quite straightforward.
Begin the verification procedure.

The verification process on Twitter is now self-serve from within the app. Access your account settings on the desktop or mobile app and select ‘Request verification.'

Select an account category.

After that, you'll be asked to choose a category from the six that are eligible, and you'll be guided through the process of providing particular requirements for authenticity and notability for that category.

Verify your activities in your chosen category.

After you've decided on a category, the next step depends on what you want to do. Individuals in the entertainment industry, for example, may be required to authenticate their position through IMDB credits, journalists may be required to connect to recent articles, and activists or influencers may be required to fulfill following and mention levels.

Verify your identification.

You'll also be required to provide proof of overall identities, such as a photo ID or a link to the account being filed on an official website.

Send in your request.

Once you've done submitting this information, your request will be placed in a queue for consideration, which might take up to a few weeks depending on the current volume of requests, according to Twitter.

Ways to maximize your chances at getting verified on Twitter

Ensure that your account is active

An active Twitter account is an account that tweets often. One of the most significant strategies to generate interest in the material your brand offers is to be active on Twitter.

Check to see if your company's Twitter profile is optimized

You want your Twitter account to be professional and reflect your company's image. Make sure your account is optimized by producing a brief, detailed bio that includes your company's location and a link to your company's website.

Initiate and participate in interesting conversations

How your brand interacts with other accounts is a big part of building a legitimate presence on Twitter. To include other verified accounts in the dialogue, ask questions, use Twitter polls, and mention them.

Stay true to yourself

Buying followers or using bots will quickly degrade your account's credibility. Posting spammy content will do the same. Your brand must be genuine, credible, and trustworthy to appear genuine, credible, and trustworthy. Shortcuts will not suffice. Your company must put forth the effort.

Ensure that your tweets are public

To secure their tweets, Twitter users can modify their privacy settings. However, this limits contact and engagement for brands. It will stifle growth and show Twitter that your account isn't one that the general public is interested in.

Add images and videos to your tweets

When you only have 280 characters to deal with, graphics and video can help you accentuate your point. Adding a high-quality visual component can also help to increase engagement.

Write well

Make sure you've double-checked your tweet or comment for spelling issues, typos, and grammatical errors before hitting publish. It's not exactly professional to send out a tweet that contains errors. You can't change or delete a tweet once it's been sent. Your writing style can also be used to demonstrate your account's legitimacy and authenticity.

How to stay verified on Twitter?

Even if your account is verified, if you do not follow Twitter's rules and community guidelines, you risk losing your blue verification badge. If you do any of the following, your Twitter verified badge will be removed. You might not be able to get it back if you lose it.

• Don't make your own blue badge for your profile picture.
• Don't do anything that goes against Twitter's rules.

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