How to set up Instagram Shopping to sell more products?

It is a feature that allows influencers and brands to sell items directly from their feed. It allows e-commerce brands to create a shareable, digital catalog of their product on Instagram.

What is e-commerce?

Sometimes called Electronic commerce or internet commerce, E-commerce is the buying and selling or exchange of goods and services between two parties through the use of the internet with a digitized model of making and receiving payment which means payment is made through online transfers.

The importance of selling your products online

• Opting for an online platform to sell your goods and/or services sure beats deciding to sell in a shop instead. Make no mistake, selling in a shop is not a bad idea in itself but not having an online platform on which you can sell your product is a very bad way to do business in this 21st century. This owes to the fact that the world has gone electronic, and a large percent of the world's populace is online and spends a lot of their time online.
• Selling your products online removes all geographical limitations or boundaries, as it gives you straight, unprecedented access to the entire world.
• It reduces the cost as well as increases both the effect and audience of the advertisement.
• Unlike simply selling in a physical store or shop, which greatly limits the number of customers and sales you can have, selling your product online increases your chances of having more customers as well as potentially making much more sales.
• It makes getting feedback on your product or services a lot easier, fast and efficient through online features such as product reviews, which is typical of every online store these days.
• It gives your business the needed exposure.
• It can save time both for the buyer as well as the seller as calls made to find out the availability of a product amongst other time-consuming factors of running a physical store becomes unnecessary.

How you can sell your products online?

Irrespective of which industry you’re in, there are only two types of products you can sell online. These are commoditized products and niche products. A majority of online sales are made of commoditized products. Commoditized products are basically products that everybody needs, products that are both essential, in high demand, and popular. The major distinction between a commoditized product and a niche product is that everybody needs commoditized products.
Niche products are products or services that are targeted at a specific customer. Now that the types of products you can sell online have been stated, let's move on to how you can actually sell your product online. Below are some of the ways to sell your product online;

• Do some market research.
• Decide on the product(S) to sell.
• Carry out some research on the e-commerce platform you want to sell your product on( Facebook, Amazon, eBay, or your very own online store).
• Create high-quality content for your product( this should include product description).
• Come up with a strategy to market to your potential customers in order to drive traffic to your store.

What is the Instagram Store feature?

It is a feature that allows influencers and brands to sell items directly from their feed. It allows e-commerce brands to create a shareable, digital catalog of their product on Instagram.

How does the Instagram Store feature work?

From a business Instagram profile or a Feed and stories, one can visit a 'shop,' and once they are at the shop, they can explore collections, browse products as well as purchase products without having to leave the app for checkout thanks to an in-app browser.

How to use the Instagram Store feature?

• Convert your Instagram account to a business or creator account. This qualifies you for the Instagram shopping features, comes with different kinds of exciting analytics, and is one hundred percent free.
• Connect to a Facebook page. You need a Facebook page to have an Instagram shop, so if you do not have a Facebook page yet, make sure you set one up ASAP.
Once you’re done setting up a Facebook Page, you’re going to have to link the two of them (the Instagram shop and the Facebook page). To do this, go to ‘Edit profile’ on your Instagram, then under ‘public business information’ select page and choose whichever one of your Facebook Page you want to link it to.
• Upload your product inventory/catalog. This step includes uploading all of your products.
• Submit your account for review. You will have to wait for a couple of days after submitting your account for review or might end up waiting longer as these reviews take some time.

How to know if your brand is suitable for using Instagram Shopping?

A notification at the top of the ‘business’ profile that says “start tagging now” means your brand is suitable for using Instagram shopping and that you’ve been approved for Instagram shopping.

How to upload the product catalog?

• Open your business Instagram profile and tap.
• Click on settings.
• Click on "Business," then click on "Shopping".
• Choose the "Product catalog" you want to link your account to.
• Click on "done."

How brands create posts for Instagram Shopping?

• Firstly, just like a regular post, upload a picture. Add special effects and filters as you like, and don't forget to spice it up with a good and catchy caption.
• Click on 'tag products,' then click on the picture where you want the tag to appear.
• Type in the name of the product you want to tag.
• Choose your product and click done. Voila! It’s that easy.

How to create Instagram Shopping ads?

Okay, so you’ve successfully set up an Instagram shop, now you want to create ads so you can drive more traffic to your Instagram shop and increase your sales. Well, let's get right into it.

• Open your Facebook home page. Click on "see more"; this will expand the menu on the left side of your Facebook home page. Click on 'ads manager" so you can see the settings for your ads account.
• You will be assigned an account ID number, a currency, and a time zone based on your location.
• Select “advertising purpose” and “business” under the “options” for currency and time zone. Click on “save changes” when you’re done.
• Tap on the credit card icon to access payment settings. You can set your method of payment, spending limits, as well as see your balance here.
Note that you cannot run ads without entering the payment method.
• Choose your method of payment. You can choose more than one, and you can always go back to remove or change any of the payment method(S) in "payment settings."
• Set a spending limit for your account. This prevents you from exceeding your budget when you're done select "set limit" to save your settings.

What are Instagram Shopping guides and how to use them?

They are a brand new way for users to share and consume content on Instagram. They come in three formats;

• Places
• Products and
• Posts and can be one of the three.

How to use the guides?

• Tap the plus icon on the top right corner of your profile.
• Click the guide.
• Click posts.
• Select a post on your feed or a saved post published by another public account.
• Click “next’'.
• Enter your guide title and its description.
• Check the prepopulated place name and edit it as desired.
• Click on “add place” and repeat steps 4-8 till your guide is done.
• Click Next in the top right corner.
• Click on share.
• And that’s it.

Tips to promote your brand on Instagram and sell more products by Shopping

• Boost the traffic to your site by including a link.
• Remain recognizable with a consistent photo and name.
• Create a catchy and informative bio that is bound to have customer hooked
• Create trendy and interesting Instagram posts that will drive traffic to your account/page.
• Use creative and professional photos to promote your products.
• Make sure the size of your photos are of professional quality and standards
• Put the power of imagery to good use by creating unique lifestyle pictures that contain your brand culture.
• Offer exclusive announcements and promotions to followers.
• Get a lot of followers on Instagram.
• Create your own hashtag, etc.

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