How to use a business Pinterest account for marketing?

Pinterest; is a social website that allows you to showcase your ideas, images, videos and hobbies in a personalized way. Let's take a look at tips on how to market on Pinterest.
The passing of time has utterly altered so many things that have been orthodoxical and traditional for a long time. Marketing and its methodologies are one of these things that have been revolutionized. Nowadays, online marketing can be done using a lot of ways that can maximize your sales and enhance business metrics. One of the many ways of business marketing is to use effectively the Pinterest account which is a unique and efficient tool for online marketing. In order to educate our readers, We have dedicated this article to elaborate the features, working, and growing tips of Pinterest. Let us start without any ado!

What is Pinterest?

Pinterest is a visual discovery tool and the history of Pinterest dates back to 2009 when its development was initiated by experts. After the development of phase of 1 and a half years, its site was launched in 2010. This social website throve with time and it amassed 10,000 users after a year of its launching. In 2011, it offered an iPhone app and it was followed by an iPad app and Pinterest mobile app for android users. Pinterest soared tremendously in this period and earned the slot in the "50 best websites of 2011" article. Until now, it has earned huge revenues by offering attractive features to its customers thereby earning a huge number of users.
Pinterest is a social website that allows showcasing your ideas, images, videos, and hobbies in a personalized way. It bears a major difference due to being a social discovery network rather than a social media network from other websites. So, it can be a great place for promoting your business and acts as a search engine. In connection with the title of our blog, let us point out another significant fact, you can leverage its great features to marketize your product and as a result, can win a deluge of customers to your brand and service. You can also find a lot of beneficial magazines and books you like on this website. In other words, it can be regarded as a great source of information.

How is Pinterest used?

Under this sub-heading, we will discuss that how it should be used to our advantage.

• First of all your will have to create a profile on Pinterest. To create a profile from your Pinterest desktop app, click on the three dots situated at the top right of your Pinterest screen.
• Log out and click " join as a business".
• To convert your personal profile to a business profile, If you are logged in, just click on the three dots on the top right of the account and select the “Upgrade your account” option.
• Fill the form with your business details and click on the "Done" option.

What is a pin and how it is created?

A pin is a great tool on Pinterest that is used to save content like pictures, brands, or books on Pinterest you like. It may consist of images, videos, books, products, and other kindred articles. Creating a pin on Pinterest is super easy and simple. It can be done by following these steps.

• Firstly, click on the plus sign at the top of your Pinterest business account.
• Then click on “create pin“ from the dropdown menu.
• Now upload an image from the computer and add a destination link to it.
• Then enter the destination link where you have to upload an image from.
• Give a title to your pin.
• Choose a board and add your pin to it.
• Lastly, select “Save” to create your Pinterest pin.

How to create a board on Pinterest and what does it do?

Boards are slots on Pinterest where you save, organize and collect your pins. You can create new boards from your Pinterest account whenever you create a new or fresh pin. You can use pins to organize your businesses, as a result, people can easily browse your profile and explore ideas. A board can be created on Pinterest by following these steps;

• Open your Pinterest profile and click on Boards.
• Click on "Create a board".
• Then enter a name for your board. You can make it either visible or secret.
• Thereafter click into the "add dates" field to add a start and end date.
• Lastly, click on create, and here is your board created.

What are the features of Pinterest?

Let us present to you the top features of Pinterest;

Native Video

Pinterest is releasing new features to its users to enjoy its experience. In this regard, it is introducing fine features with the passage of time. One of its fine video features is pinning videos from other platforms.

Cinematic Pins

Pinterest has rolled out an interesting feature like cinematic pins and these are activated through scrolling and resemble much to GIFS.

Promoted Video

This feature enables the user to expand videos and view them in a new tab. This feature is only available to those users who are working with a Pinterest account team.

Promoted App Pins

Pinterest offers you 6 types of pins, one of which is called promoted pins. It allows you to add some extra information and promote your brand.

How should brands use Pinterest?

Pinterest is highly instrumental in marketizing your brand as it has great features for it. Brands can be marketized in the following ways;

• Showcase your products.
• Strengthen the idea that your brand/service a lifestyle.
• Run competitions.
• Crowdsource.
• Backstage access.
• Pressroom.
• Coverage.
• Highlight your visual content.
• Educate.
• Interlink.
• Use it like a focus group.

Pinterest helps brands to grow by driving more traffic, making more sales, raking the brand higher on search engines, enhancing brand exposure, and reduce marketing expenses.

8 tips to grow your business using Pinterest!

• Make your website pinnable by using the save button.
• Enable rich pins for your Pinterest for business account.
• Create beautiful pins to boost engagement.
• Write SEO friendly captions for your pins.
• Create Ads on Pinterest with promoted pins.
• Create an attractive Pinterest aesthetic.
• Build a solid community on Pinterest.
• Track your Pinterest metrics.

Pinterest Metrics

• Clicks: The no. of times someone clicks on your brand ad.
• Click-Through rate: value obtained by dividing clicks and impressions.
• Conversions: No. of conversions that take place on your site.
• Conversion rates: Value determined by dividing conversions by clicks.
• Conversion value It is the total value of your conversion.
• Cost: The amount of money you have spent up till now
• Cost-per-click: The amount of money you are spending for each click on your ad.
• Cost-per-mile: The amount you are spending for every thousand impressions.

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