How to use your Google Business Profile in 2022?

As it is known, Google is the world’s best website and answer to all your problems. Whether it is Google maps or Google images, Google got the most attention.
As it is known, Google is the world’s best website and answer to all your problems. Whether it is Google maps or Google images, Google got the most attention. To set up your business, you will need Google’s help recognizing your business through Google Business Profile. Some people may know its old name, “Google My business.” Whatever the name, its main purpose is to help you flourish your business by increasing traffic to your website. So if you want to enjoy all the best options offered by Google Business Profile, keep reading this article, and you will become a pro in managing your business through Google Business profile.

What is a Google Business Profile?

Google Business Profile was formerly known as Google My Business. Google decided to change its name and logo along with some other modifications and introduced us to Google Business Profile. With Google My Profile, some loopholes did not allow Google to get enough information on business accounts registered with Google My Profile.
However, Google thought of solving these issues and launched Google Business Profile to “make things simple”. Setting up a profile on Google Business will introduce you to various tools. If you are an SEO taking care of various firms or your business is spread to more than one location, you need a Business Profile Manager account. So don’t waste your time mourning over the expiry of the Google My Business app in 2022. Get yourself registered with the Business Profile manager and enjoy the new privileges.

Why do you need Google Business Profile Account?

Opening a clothing brand or an electronic repair shop is not enough. A website of your business is part and parcel of your publicity. But what makes sure that your website will appear in the top searches of Google? It is where the Google Business profile comes to the rescue. With a Business profile manager’s account, you can optimize your business and gain more clients by SEO recognition.

Manage the information for your online company...

With the Google Business Profile comes the great option of updating your business profile according to changes in your business. If you wish to update changes in your business hours or want to add new locations to your store, Google Business profile got your back. With advanced tools, you can add and change all necessary information about your current business, and Google Business manager will help you rank at the top of the search bar.

Get discovered...

When a client searches about a product or service offered in your business, Google will direct them to you using the information you provided in your business account. It is made possible through the Google My Business listing. It is a list where you fill up all of your packages or sub-business. For example, if you run an electronic store, you will list all offers you provide. People who google relevant demand will see your website in their search. Google Business Profile also uses your location to direct nearby customers to you, and your business will also pop up on their Google Map. Quite fascinating. Right?

Built trust...

Google Business Profile gives your customers a complete evaluation of your profile through overall interactions and star ratings. It helps to increase trust between customers and providers, saving you the trouble of worrying about your promotions and allowing your customers to choose freely from the options provided.

How to set up a Google Business Account? 

Since Google Business Account is new and slightly different from Google My Business, you will need a guide to all the steps essential to set up an account. Here’s a brief description for your convenience:

• Type Google Business Profile Manager in the search box and go for 'sing in.' If you are logged in to a Google account, you will automatically be signed in through the same account.
• Choose your business from the drop-down menu. İf it does not appear, go for “add your business to Google” and type yours. Click “next” once you are done here.
• Add your location and business address to be discovered on Google maps.
• You can type the physical location of your customer’s store or avail the option of in-person services on the next page. Click "next" to move on.
• Now choose the business category that best suits your business.
• Add your phone number and business website.
• After your address, Google will access all your information and ensure it's real or does not match any existing business account. After that, you will need to verify your business through a verification email or a postcard sent to your business location.
• Customize your profile by filling in all important details like business hours, related pictures, and news and updates. Once you are done, welcome to the business world!

How to make your Google My Business presence more effective?

Whether your business will appear in the top searches or not? The answer lies in three factors:

• Relevance: The products that are being searched matches your business listing.
• Distance: Your location is close to the person’s location looking for your services.
• Prominence: How popular your business is. Based on your reviews and ratings and the number of customers reaching your website.

How to maximize your score?

• Complete your profile. Providing all relevant information is the first step toward recognition.
• Verification of your location is a prime step. Without a verified address to your business, people will be confused about how to get to you.
• Using real images and videos of your business and giving tutorials about your services will bring you to the top of the search.
• Includes keywords in your profile to help customers reach you.
• Engaging with customers is also a smart move. It will increase your activity on Google and help build trust.


This article provided you with all the important information you need before setting up a Google Business account. If you are looking forward to registering your own business, you can integrate it today with RADAAR!

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Still confused? Check out the FAQ's that we've prepared for you...
Google Business Profile is a tool for managing and optimizing your Google Business Profile.
Yes you can! But in order to schedule your posts, you need to have an Google Business Profile so make sure you create one first.
Yes, creating a Google Business Profile is completely free. Create a free profile, and you'll be able to manage your business from Google Search and Maps, allowing you to reach out to more clients.
Google My Business is now Google Business Profile. With the new name, new features have also arrived. You can now edit your Business Profile information from search , complete verification or resolve other issues.