The best photo editing tools for Instagram for 2021!

Instagram is accepted to be, by far, the most popular social media application in the world.
Instagram is accepted to be, by far, the most popular social media application in the world. Having grown particularly significantly in the last 5 years, Instagram is a platform where visuality comes to the fore. It is actively used by both brands and individuals, and it gives institutions, businesses, and brands the chance to establish strong communication with their target audiences.

Regardless of the purpose of use, it is very important that images on Instagram be eye-catching and stylish. For this reason, many users spend hours creating good content. Of course, Instagram has its own tools for this, but these tools are often insufficient for professional use. We shouldn’t think of such tools as simply providing color and lighting adjustments. Many editing tools can concentrate on different areas.

You can easily overcome all the weaknesses of your dark, color-deficient, or ineffective photos with these tools. Get ready to create perfect posts thanks to Instagram photo editing tools! The quality of the photos that you usually take may not be sufficient on its own for good images, but the touches added with photo editing tools are a stylish complement. Many of these applications are available for free. However, for more professional uses, there are usually fees.

It is possible to get information about these tools by using the trial versions. Today, you can clearly see that accounts with many followers pay particularly close attention to these issues and use more than one editing tool. Instagram is, after all, a medium centered on striking and eye-catching photos. Instagram photo editing tools are truly indispensable here to get more engagement or increase your follower count.

If you’re using the Instagram platform very actively, you should definitely discover these editing tools. Here, we have brought together the most commonly used photo editing tools for Instagram. You can try these tools one by one and decide on the most suitable one for yourself. These photos will definitely come in handy someday!

VSCO - Where expression matters most!

Editing tools are always helpful for covering up the defects in photos and adding a more aesthetic dimension. Among these editing tools, we can say that VSCO is very popular. Besides the usefulness of its effects, its free use is one of the most important reasons why VSCO is so popular, although you may find that some features are locked when you use this app for free.


One of the photo editing tools that Instagram users have shown great interest in is Snapseed, a tool that was developed by Google. If you need a professional level mobile application for improving your photos, Snapseed is the right choice for you. You can use Snapseed to increase the sharpness or color. It also makes a difference for images with its creative frames. This application, which is focused on more practical and easy usage, is among the primary preferences of users of such tools.

Photoshop Express

Adobe Photoshop Express functions as a practical editing tool on mobile devices. As one of the most successful collage creation tools, it manages to meet the needs of all levels of users. Photoshop Express is compatible with iOS and Android operating systems and it has many special details. You can use many features in Adobe Photoshop Express for free, easily logging in with a Google or Adobe account.

Adobe Lightroom

Next on our list is another editing tool created by Adobe: Adobe Lightroom. Available completely free of charge, Adobe Lightroom works in sync with the desktop version of the app. Thanks to its many presets, Adobe Lightroom offers serious practicality.

Huji Cam

Huji is unique compared to the other tools listed here, because Huji was not designed with the standard organizational logic. More often, Huji users want to create a more nostalgic feeling. Photos that give the impression of being taken with old-time cameras are now very easy with this app. Especially because of its retro-themed filters, Huji is a very beloved and popular tool.


Autodesk Pixlr is another popular photo editing tool. Offering free usage, Pixlr is the right place to find original filters. You can create original collages, design fun frames, and make color and light arrangements in any way that you want. If you wish, you can also use the desktop version of Autodesk Pixlr to be able to edit pictures on your computer.

Hypocam - Capture the essence!

Hypocam is a unique tool, especially for those who love black and white memories. Although there are also many color filters in Hypocam, this app is famous for its black and white presets and filters.


Polarr will introduce you to filters that you’ve never seen before in other apps. For effects like light leaks, just check out the Polarr photo editing tool.

Unfold - Toolkit for storytellers!

The Unfold photo editing tool has recently become a platform attracting the interest of Instagram influencers. With Unfold, you can professionally edit your photos on a mobile device very quickly. You will see that it is one of the top 3 or 4 options for making fun collages.

Foodie - Camera for life!

As we see on Instagram, food photography is a special field. It is very important to choose the right editing tools in terms of both sharing meals and promoting food at a professional level. Get rid of your lighting problems with Foodie, a special brand for food photography. The miracles created by the Foodie app lie behind the food images shared by the official accounts of cafes and restaurants and the individual accounts of chefs.

A Color Story - Make your colors pop!

With its number of filters increasing every day, A Color Story offers three different options on its main menu: effects, tools, and filters. You will benefit from the app’s easy interface to find quick solutions to all of your needs.

Afterlight - Filter. Texture. Create.

Afterlight allows you to create more impressive arrangements in terms of settings such as color, light, and shadow. Discover the miracles created by light with the Afterlight app! It currently offers nearly 60 different light filters.

Canva - Design anything!

Canva is an editing tool that can be used on both mobile devices and desktop computers. If you don’t want to download this popular app, you can log in to the website and easily see your work using the necessary ready-made templates there.

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