The importance of links in Instagram - best hacks for your profile!

Most business owners are on a never-ending search to reach a wider audience online. While having a website is a step in the right direction, you will have to do more to expand your online reach.
Most business owners are on a never-ending search to reach a wider audience online. While having a website is a step in the right direction, you will have to do more to expand your online reach. Nearly 70% of the businesses in the United States use social media as a tool to create a dialogue with people in their demographics. Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms in the world. Finding ways to drive traffic from your Instagram business page to your website is harder than you probably realize. Instagram limits the number and location of the links allowed on their platform. If you want to find out more about how to use links on Instagram, consider the useful information in this article.

Start by adding links to your Instagram bio

One of the first things visitors to your Instagram page will be exposed to is your bio. This is why you need to find new and interesting ways to put links in your Instagram bio. Since this is the only place Instagram allows you to put a link, you need to make the most out of the placement of this portal to your website. Some business owners put a link to their mobile website and never change it.
While it is important to redirect Instagram users to your homepage, you also need to think outside of the box. Using the right tools allows you to alter the link in your profile and make clickable buttons for them. If you are interested in using one of the best Instagram bio tools on the market, be sure to go to Sked Social. With this easy-to-use tool, you can keep the links in your Instagram bio fresh and relevant.

Utilize Instagram post captions for your links

Posting new content on Instagram daily is crucial when trying to capture the attention of your audience. The captions of your posts are a great venue to share links in. You need to remember that you can’t put clickable links in this spot, but you can shorten your link. As you start to shorten the link with the help of a service like Bitly, you need to consider using something easy to remember. Since your followers will have to either copy/paste the link or remember it, you need to make it short and sweet. You can also use your captions as a way to provide detailed instructions on how to access a new link in your bio. Most people have encountered an Instagram account that uses the tactic of telling a story and then directing them to their bio for a link that features all of the details. When crafting content for your caption, you need to make sure it is engaging and entertaining. By entertaining the reader, you can convince them to venture to your Instagram bio for a link.

Promoted posts are a great tool for business owners

If you want to make an impact with your Instagram posts, you should think about paying to promote them. While this method of promotion will cost you money, it is worth it considering the large audience you can market your products/services to. Most business owners fail to realize that Instagram allows promoted posts to feature a clickable link in the caption. Before you devise a post to promote with this type of link, you need to ensure you have elements in place that will grab attention. Funny videos and branded pictures are a great way to make your posts stand out.
If you are using a promoted post to sell a particular product/service, you need to make sure the link in your caption directs people to a landing page with more information. If the link you embed in the caption is not relevant to the subject matter in the post, then it will be difficult to keep visitors from Instagram on your website for very long.

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