Top 10 Instagram giveaway winner pickers in 2022!

If you browse through Instagram a lot, you've almost certainly seen a giveaway in action. Both big and small businesses use Instagram giveaways to get people excited about their new products, reach new followers, and grow their social followings. Sometimes the gifts are fantastic, but other times they may be a little disappointing.
If you browse through Instagram a lot, you've almost certainly seen a giveaway in action. Both big and small businesses use Instagram giveaways to get people excited about their new products, reach new followers, and grow their social followings. Sometimes the gifts are fantastic, but other times they may be a little disappointing. No matter what you're giving away, Instagram giveaways can be a great way to get the word out about a new product launch, attract new users, grow your following, and connect with your followers.

What is an Instagram giveaway, and how does it work?

Instagram giveaways are time-limited competitions in which companies or influencers pledge to give away a prize (product or service) to one (or more) fortunate participants based on a set of criteria. The winners of Instagram giveaways are generally chosen at random and mailed their prizes. Instagram giveaways allow you to connect with your current audience while also attracting a large number of new views and followers. They're a tried-and-true method of increasing engagement that Instagram's algorithm can't help but notice. Giveaways can be a great way to increase your Instagram following.

Why should you organize a giveaway on Instagram?

It's no secret that every business wants to increase its revenue. The more customers you have, the more revenue you generate. If you own a small firm, it's more probable that your brand isn't well-known, so you haven't yet attracted many customers. As a result, it's critical to build brand awareness.
People love free stuff, so holding an Instagram giveaway is a tried and true approach to attract the attention of your target audience and spread the word about your business. You can also ask your followers to tag their friends in the comments, which will assist in increasing organic reach and attract more interested individuals who will eventually become your followers or customers. Unfortunately, there have been instances where newly gained followers unfollow an Instagram account after the contest is over. However, there is a reason and a solution to this problem. The reason a new follower will unfollow you is because they were only interested in winning the gifts. The solution is to build your contest around the content you produce and target the right audience (those who are likely to be interested in your brand).

How to pick a winner for your giveaway on Instagram?

Before the actual contest begins, ensure that you convince your audience that the winner of the contest will be chosen in a fair and objective manner. This helps to increase participation and trust on the part of the audience. Choosing the winner of a giveaway might be the most fun part of organizing a contest.
After all, you're the one who gets to tell the chosen one the good news. There are a variety of ways to determine your winner depending on the sort of contest you host, including; using a random picker tool to select a random winner, choosing a winner based on the number of votes received, choosing a winner based on the correct answer, allowing a panel of judges to make a decision, etc. The method that is both convenient and allows fairness is the Instagram giveaway picker or Instagram comment picker. The tool automatically and randomly sifts through thousands of possible comments on your giveaway post, photo, or video, filters the comments based on the giveaway settings, and selects a random winner.

A list of the top ten Instagram giveaway winner pickers!


simpliers is a free tool that lets you choose prize winners based on social media comments.

Comment Picker

Comment Picker is a free online winner generator that can be used on Facebook for Business pages for any promotion, sweepstakes, contests, or raffle.


RADAAR is a full-featured social media management tool that lets you manage all of your social media accounts from a single dashboard. You can also use the tool to pick a random winner for your giveaway contest.


With Arbitery, you can pick the winner of your contest and make a page that you can change to show the results.


IGrcp is an Instagram random comment picker that lets you run giveaways, sweepstakes, and export comments from any public post.

Winner Picker

Winner Picker is a simple web application that allows you to choose a name at random from a list of names as the winner of your giveaway.

Verify Share

Verify Share uses comments, mentions, likes, subscriptions, and reposts in the Instagram feed and story to pick contest winners at random.


Easypromos is a simple, reliable, and self-service platform that helps you choose a winner for all of your social media giveaways.


Woobox selects winners at random from Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube comments and likes. From the dashboard, the tool may quickly select one or more winners.

Pick a Winner

Pick a Winner employs a random number generator to create a number between 0 and the number of comments, which is then shown once a comment is chosen.

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