What are social monitoring and social listening?

If you are working on various marketing strategies on social media, these are the size of tips! You will encounter the concepts of social monitoring and social listening.
If you are working on various marketing strategies on social media, these are the size of tips! You will encounter the concepts of social monitoring and social listening. Both of these issues are very important in terms of establishing appropriate and effective interaction with the target audience, getting helpful feedback, and creating new strategies.

If you haven’t included social monitoring and social listening in your social media marketing approaches before, it is normal to have some difficulties in the beginning. If you are currently using social media monitoring tools, do you think you make the most of them? Maybe you should get to know the concepts of social monitoring and social listening first, and then decide!

What is digital monitoring and digital listening?

The concept known as social monitoring or digital monitoring is the comprehensive and reliable following of what is said about individuals, institutions, or brands on interaction-oriented platforms. More accurately, it combines the concepts of tracking and analysis at the same time. Brands, whether big or small, want to know everything that is developing outside of their control on social media platforms; however, it isn’t easy to do that instantly.
Social monitoring provides serious benefits for brands by allowing them to keep track of everything being said about them. Brands can take action more quickly to solve problems, especially in adverse situations and in times of crisis. Today, many brands and institutions are adopting the social monitoring method and working with professional agencies in this field. Creating awareness becomes very practical thanks to social monitoring.

Social listening, also known as digital listening, also focuses on consumer behavior. Brands have the chance to observe consumer behavior more closely and quickly through social listening. The more intense the customer-level conversations about a brand are on social media, the more opportunities that brand has for success. Today, social listening and viewing trends have eclipsed ineffective social media reports. Social monitoring and listening have made a big difference in the measurement of target audiences’ brand loyalty.

What should you be monitoring?

One of the most important points is what you will be following with social monitoring and social listening, and how. For this, it will suffice to understand the working logic of social monitoring. First and foremost, social monitoring works with indexed keywords. Certain selected keywords are scanned daily on the Internet and analyses are carried out based on the results.
Social monitoring and listening services detect messages and content based on keywords by scanning both social media platforms and websites. The processed results are turned into detailed and effective reports. There are four separate processes in total during the monitoring process.

• Identification of keywords
• Performance of the necessary searches for the specified keywords
• Sorting of the resultant data after processing, which can also be understood as sentiment analysis, in a sense
• General reporting

Which channels can be used for this?

As a result of social monitoring or listening, 24/7 online monitoring and reporting can be systematically performed. According to the brand’s preferences, the results are processed daily, weekly, or monthly and reported to the brand. In crisis situations, the brand is informed with instant reports and updates. In this way, the brand is able to move faster and systematically; it also becomes possible to predict perceptions of the brand and possible crises.
This method has the ability to extract data from all imaginable types of media, from online dictionaries to blog pages, from social media pages to list sites, and from video platforms to forums.Platforms such as YouTube, Google Search, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram have important roles in social monitoring due to the numbers of active target audience members who use them. Don’t forget that you can spot crises early and take action quickly based on the results obtained by social monitoring and listening.


FALCON.IO, social media is a platform for monitoring, interacting, publishing, analyzing and managing customer data. Falcon enables brands to explore the full potential of digital marketing and advertising by managing multiple customer touchpoints on a single platform.


RADAAR is a powerful social media management and collaboration platform designed for handling multiple brands. It helps marketers at every step, from scheduling and publishing posts on their profiles to analyzing their efforts.

Promo Republic

PromoRepublic, unlike most social media management platforms, you can design creative posts without having to open a separate graphic software. PromoRepublic has most of Canva's look and feel, but within a social media management app, it allows you to plan and share your designs.


Crowdfire is a social media management tool that helps social media managers, brands, and individuals drive social media results. It offers planning, interaction, analysis, social listening and CRM services on social media.


Brandwatch listens to major social media networks and monitors multiple languages ​​for your keywords, such as the name of your products, your company, or your competitors' names. It also listens to blogs, news, forums, and reviews. It has comprehensive filters to extract spam and junk messages.

Know what's happening and be ready to act...

Track brand-relevant keywords, competitors, and key industry terms to stay a step ahead and act when opportunities or potential crises arise.

Social Media Monitoring

Track key industry terms and competitors to improve your strategy.
Social monitoring is the monitoring of social media channels for any customer feedback or discussions regarding specific keywords, topics, competitors, or industries, followed by analysis to gain insights and act on those opportunities. Learn more.
Social media monitoring tools collect public social media posts, blog posts, articles, forum posts, and comments on select platforms. Learn more.
No. Create as many keywords as you need; there are no limits. Learn more.
With social media monitoring, you can create the kind of content your followers actually want, come up with new ideas based on industry trends, improve your customers’ experiences by interacting with them directly, and continuously shift your content strategy to fit the current need. Learn more.
RADAAR lets you track to public conversations on Instagram, Twitter, news, and blogs with its social monitoring features for now. Soon you'll be able to track through YouTube, Stack Overflow, Quora, and Reddit. Learn more.
No. Social media monitoring is a paid feature. Each keyword is charged per channel per month. Learn more.