What is a social media inbox?

Social media inbox becomes more and more important every day! Let's learn how important even a single message is, the details of the social media inbox...
Operating a modern business without social media puts the organization at a serious disadvantage. To compete in any sector, entrepreneurs need to be active and responsive on social media. Keeping up with one or two platforms is possible, but the average person has eight accounts. Effectively managing multiple accounts is overwhelming, especially if the company is growing and inquiries are coming from all directions. A growing organization can’t afford to miss a single message. Business owners need a unified all-in-one social media inbox tool to keep up with engagement.

What is a social media inbox?

Instead of navigating in and out of apps, a business owner or social media manager operates a single dashboard populated with conversations, mentions, engagements, and comments from all social media platforms. Engaging with potential customers is vital to driving sales and increasing the business's ROI. A simple direct message response can turn an interested customer into a long-term relationship.

Why is a media inbox essential for your brand?

According to branding experts at Concept Marketing Group, ‘Responsiveness is the most sought-after quality in a business social media account, and it’s the one thing that’s most likely to lead to sales in all demographics of online customers. This is an inexpensive strategy that’s highly effective for small businesses.’

Connecting with customers is an inexpensive method to build brand loyalty and drive sales. A social media inbox tool is essential to effectively answering all inquiries promptly, making every customer feel like they have a relationship with the brand.

Centralizing all social media efforts not only creates a superior customer experience, but also allows businesses to receive sentiment analysis and build on areas of their organization that need improvement. Social media inbox tools deliver analytics that would otherwise go overlooked if the data created by customer engagement goes unreported.

Utilizing social media software also leads to team collaboration. Too many growing businesses have a disconnect between their social media efforts and other areas of the business. Setting up a social media inbox tool gives admin visibility to members of the organization that aren’t managing social media.

What are the best social media inbox tools?

There are multiple options to unify a brand's social media engagement effort. Most social media management tools include inbox management, understanding the different features will help choose the right platform to increase engagement and never miss a single opportunity.


Inbox Assistant by Agorapulse allows teams to seamlessly organize and add context to their messages by assigning labels to conversations. Team members can easily share and organize their inboxes, creating an ideal workflow. Agorapulse manages conversations by priority. The view preference of comments, paid engagements, mentions, DMs, and reviews can be customized, so advertisers don’t miss the most important customer interactions.


RADAAR’s best-in-class platform includes a social media inbox tool bringing all conversations into one place while empowering collaboration. The social media inbox tool from RADAAR allows businesses to easily reply, like, hide, or delete incoming messages and increases efficiency by saving custom replies to common questions. The RADAAR inbox tool comes with multiple features beyond managing incoming messages and replies. International businesses get the option to translate any message with just one click. RADAAR also provides marketers with a tool that randomly chooses a contest winner.
Try RADAAR’s free version with up to three social profiles, URL shortener, and task manager. Their payment system allows businesses to choose the number of managed social accounts and team members, so growing businesses don’t pay for software they don’t need.


Hootsuite is one of the most popular social media management platforms available. Their comprehensive system allows integration into other CRM platforms such as SalesForce and Zendesk to avoid disruptions to an organization’s existing process. Hootsuite’s chatbot automates straightforward audience inquiries and flags the messages that need the attention of a human person.


Few Social media management platforms deliver a more hands-on approach to customer service. SproutSocial simplifies integrating all social media accounts with their dedicated training and customer support. Once on-board, one of SproutSocial’s customer services agents will walk a new client through the tools and features of the network. When support issues arise, businesses can create, track, and through their integrated help desk.


HubSpot offers businesses a full-service platform for marketing, customer service, and CRM software, plus the resources necessary to be successful. While HubSpot is known as a marketing information ‘hub,’ a social media inbox manager is included in their software. Businesses can integrate all their social channels into their HubSpot data-driven dashboard, increasing engagement and minimizing response times. Important customer interactions never go unnoticed by utilizing their custom keyword monitoring system.


The Social CRM from StatusBrew gives contextual information about customers in the conversation window. Team members are equipped with more information than just a screen name when they are talking directly with potential customers. Insights to all the available information, creating a bond between the brand and consumer, turning first-time customers into life-long relationships.


Social media management software is useless if it isn’t implemented. eClincher’s Google Chrome extension allows marketers to keep up with engagement by integrating their system into the most popular web browser. The simple platform favored by tens of thousands of agencies all across the world is designed to strategize, optimize, and measure ROI.


Falcon.io gives marketers the ability to fully customize inboxes, increasing production and customer satisfaction. Social media managers can keep up with engagement by downloading the Falcon.io application for IOS and Android.

Build brand loyalty by utilizing a social media inbox!

As more business is shifted online and on social media, brands have to find ways to make connections with people virtually. The social media inbox gives a direct path for the customer to the business. Consumers enjoy the convenience of eCommerce and doing business online but still want to build a meaningful relationship with the brands they support. A social media inbox tool allows organizations to keep up with engagement making each customer feel like their support is appreciated.

Unify all messages into a single inbox...

Bring all your conversations into one place and take better care of your audience while empowering team collaboration.

Social Media Inbox

Build a close relation with your audience with faster response times.
The social inbox is a unified inbox of all of your social media channels messages. It allows you to see and engage in all your social conversations, mentions, comments, and messages in one place so that you can deliver responses quickly and keep your community happy. Learn more.
RADAAR lets you connect Facebook (pages), Instagram (business accounts), Twitter, and LinkedIn (company pages) with its engagement features. For now, Instagram direct messages aren't supported by the Instagram API. Only Instagram comments will appear in your inbox. Learn more.
Yes. You can easily export all your incoming messages in Excel or CSV format. Learn more.
The social inbox helps you engage with your audience across social channels by displaying all messages in one place. Also, for teams scattered across various locations, divisions, and time zones, it's crucial to have a social inbox. With the help of the mobile application it allows you to review and respond to your inbox items on your smart phone. Learn more.
You can archive or delete conversations from your inbox. If someone replies to a conversation that you've archived, the messages will appear again in your inbox. Also, the starred conversation feature allows you to bookmark specific conversations so that you can quickly refer back to them later. Learn more.
Yes. You can measure incoming conversations and messages per platform, sentiments (positive/neutral/negative), and number of handled messages. Learn more.