Why should you not buy Instagram followers?

Instagram like other social media applications is growing rapidly as people get to know about its features. In this article, we have cast light comprehensively upon the reasons for not buying Instagram followers.
Instagram like other social media applications is growing rapidly as people get to know about its features. On Instagram, every user craves a plethora of genuine and organic followers who follow their products, stories, and content. But Unfortunately, everyone is not that successful or fortunate to earn organic followers from Instagram; as a result, to cover up this, they opt to buy followers for paying some cost, for example, $5 for 1000 followers. Apparently, these ads aimed to generate fake following look tempting; but we advise you not to enter in this and buy inorganic followers. In this article, we have cast light comprehensively upon the reasons for not buying Instagram followers.

Fake followers do not engage with your account

Most of the time you purchase followers for Instagram, they are likely to be fake and not real people at all; therefore, you will not get any sound engagement to your posts. The only scripted reply to your post is nothing more than " nice post”. Having organic followers is quite important for the person aspiring to be called an influencer. Brands always opt to work with influencers who have valid and organic profiles and followers. In simple words, you can only become an Instagram influencer when you influence your followers' behavior. Influence can be only be attained if your followers engage with your posts.

Inappropriate engagement compared to genuine accounts

Recently some researches have been conducted to figure out the engagement in relation to the number of organic followers and these results are discovered upon completion of the research on 2 million influencers.

• 1,000 followers average about 8% engagement
• 1,000 – 10,000 followers average 4% engagement
• 10,000 – 100,000 followers average 2.4% engagement
• 100,000 – 1 million followers average 1.8% engagement
• 1 million followers average 1.7% engagement
In simple words, influencers that have organic followers and engagement lie one of the four categories stated above, and the numbers that deviate or vary from the above pattern are questionable. This may include a case when the engagement is too high, it indicates that this account has a fake or inorganic following and engagement. Such a case attracts the attention of the brand and evokes a dissuasive feeling of not working with such influencers. Therefore, buying followers will somewhat push your account out of the range stated above and make your account look suspicious.

Inappropriate bot comments

At times, you can get inappropriate comments from fake followers like; for instance, comments in different languages and so are futile. You cannot get any idea what they are saying in context to their content or brand. These fake accounts tend to give generic and fake comments. It can be occasional for you to spot irrelevant comments relevant to your post. For example, you have created a post regarding any death of a loved one or any regrettable failure and you get a comment as "nice" or "fantastic". It is verily sheepish and ridiculous.

Fake followers bring spam with them

You open a wide ingress to spam when you buy fake followers for your Instagram. By purchasing fake followers, you open up your account for a bucket of spam. If you have also provided an email address while buying these fake followers, you are unknowingly giving them another opportunity for these people to spread their spam. By this channel, this spam can also impair your genuine followers and then your genuine followers can also unfollow you.

Instagram recognizes and purges fake followers

Instagram wants and strives to ensure that its users have a pleasant and enjoyable experience, free of ambiguities and fakeness. In order to achieve this am, it regularly conducts purges, looking for fake accounts or accounts having bought or fake following. It must be kept in mind that they are highly expert and experienced in locating fake accounts and figure out all the signs of being a fake and eradicate them straight away. So, refrain from buying fake followers rather try to make your profile engaging to attract genuine followers.

Buying followers defy the policy of Instagram

Instagram strives to provide a genuine environment to its users; therefore, it strictly prohibits and discourages people who buy fake followers for influence. For the landscape to be clean, Instagram regularly conducts purges that not only remove fake followers but also reserve the prerogative to suspend such accounts. It is too bad and unlucky for your account to be banned for having fake followers. Therefore, you should steer clear of such dishonest practices and work hard to earn genuine followers.

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