Why you need a social media content scheduler?

Nowadays, a plethora of people is setting up businesses online and adopting certain strategies to get their product or brand on the radar of potential customers.
Nowadays, a plethora of people is setting up businesses online and adopting certain strategies to get their product or brand on the radar of potential customers. To promulgate the product, social media marketing is an effective tool to engage with customers. Assuming of social media marketing majorly helps to build brand awareness, enhance customer base, and communicate with current consumers or customers. You will be amazed to know that a survey revealed that 90% of the businesses are successful owing to effective social media strategy. While developing social media strategy, preparing effective content that is regularly posted is also very important and helps to attract a plethora of potential customers. In this article, we will discuss how social media content scheduler helps to boost business and why it is important. So, let us start without further ado!

Reasons for using a social media content scheduler...

Here are some of the core benefits that can be achieved by using content schedulers:

Save time and stay focused...

Users of social media content schedulers state that using this tool saves a significant amount of time. It prevents you from switching between different social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter. The content scheduler enables you to post on multiple platforms at a single time, as well as, schedule other posts for later.

Achieve better results by analyzing strategically...

When you have scheduled your posts to be posted on different social media platforms, you should also have an insight into how your other posts are performing. Which posts are not performing and what is the performance of the performing ones? Answers to these questions can prove helpful. In order to evaluate the performance of your posts, you have to opt for the right KPI's and then compare your posts' performance against them. Content media schedulers afford the best tools to compare the performance of your posts.

Create better content to attract more customers...

Social media content schedulers, apart from slating your content to be posted on various platforms, also provide enticing visuals to improve the quality of content. You can edit your photos and graphics allocated for the content. Moreover, you can resize, crop photos, and add desired watermarks.

What is social media content calendar?

Now you are using social media content scheduler to schedule your posts to go on different social media platforms at the most optimum time so as to gain maximum traffic. Now, the specific times your posts are scheduled to be posted are present in the social media content calendar. It assists you to post in a unique voice, tone, manage more than one version of a post. Moreover, it helps you to opt what to post on each social media platform. It specializes in organizing your publishing schedule with respect to date so that you can keep track of deadlines and develop transparency with stakeholders who count upon your publishing schedule.

Why are social media content calendars important?

By creating a social media content calendar, you can avail a renewed potential for your social media team. Here are a few benefits of social media content calendars:

Maintains a consistent posting schedule...

With the help of a centralized posting calendar, you can make sure that each account is getting enough attention. Moreover, you can cover gaps for the upcoming posts.

Reduce typos and errors...

A social media content calendar enables you to establish a failsafe which reduces errors and typos on your content before posting them on different social media platforms. It includes fact-checking, copy-editing the text, and comparing it with authentic sources ahead of time.

How to create a social media content calendar?

There are eight easy-to-follow steps that need to be followed to create a calendar:

• Audit your social networks and content posted.
• Opt your social channels.
• Investigate and then decide what your calendar needs to track.
• Create a content library for your assets.
• Establish a workflow.
• Begin creating your posts
• Encourage your team to review and employ their feedback to improve.
• Finally start publishing.

Best social media schedulers for 2022

Here are the most recommended social media schedulers that you should use in 2022:


RADAAR is one of the best social media post scheduling tools that efficiently takes care of all of your social media posting needs. It consists of a built-in best time to post feature that helps your drive maximum audience to your brand. Moreover, it has the feature to plan and publish the content visually. With the aid of this feature, you can find the best time and it works on Instagram data.


Publer is a great social media post scheduling tool that enables you to post, schedule, and analyze all your major social media platforms. With the help of this tool, you can post and schedule your content on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, and Google My Business. Moreover, it also allows you to recycle and auto-schedule your posts to save your precious time. Unlike other media post scheduling tools, it gives you advanced tools under a free plan.

Promo Republic

If you are looking for a comprehensive social media plan, you can opt for Promo Public as it affords a full software platform incorporating a range of plans ranging from solo plans to large businesses and agencies plan. Apart from scheduling tools, you have large access to post idea library and graphics editing tools.


It is also a renowned social media posts scheduling platform that allows marketers and agencies to assist in multimedia operations by putting their posts on auto-pilot. With its in-depth analytics and true insights, it enables you to make optimum decisions about your online business.


It is another great social media post scheduling tool that operates a freemium model with the help of which you can schedule up to 10 posts for free. Using the premium mode, you can do unlimited scheduling. It suggests the most optimum and suitable times to post on every social network.


If your main channel for advertising your brand is Instagram and you need to post content for it. Later is the best option; though it enables you to schedule your posts on different social media platforms, it specializes in Instagram. This tool also allows you to have a media library where you upload photos first and then use them while posting content.


Hootsuite is a great social media tool that is mostly used by large and enterprise-level agencies and corporations. Millions of people have been using this tool for a long time. It majorly supports Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Youtube.


Sendible, size çok yardımcı olarak bir sosyal medya içerik planlayıcısıdır ve tüm sosyal ağlarınızı yoğunlaştırıp maksimum trafik elde etmek için içerik göndermek için etkili zaman çizelgeleri sağlar. Toplu gönderileri planlamaya ve bunları en uygun zamanlarda yayınlamaya yardımcı olan otomasyon özelliğine sahiptir.

Schedule all of your content like never before!

The Content Calendar makes it quick and easy to manage your content marketing planning and publishing - so you can focus on quality and strategy.

Find out what you should know about a content calendar!

A content calendar is vital to your marketing strategy and your brand’s ability to attract and convert your target customers. But a content calendar isn’t a simple discipline. It has many facets, central to which is planning, scheduling, and publishing your content through various channels. A content calendar offers you the opportunity to see what topics you’ve covered so you don’t duplicate efforts while also helping you keep to your themes. Want to know more about a content calendar?
Social media content calendars are the best way to plan and organize upcoming content.
Content calendars serve as the framework for what your business plans to share and promote across all social media channels. A well thought out and organized social media calendar can help to define your content themes and posting cadences to match each social platform's audience and objective.
Audit your social networks and content then add your social channels. Start crafting your posts and schedule your content accordingly.
Content calendar enables content publishers to plan, create, publish, and promote their content in an organized manner. Many bloggers and businesses use editorial or content calendars to streamline content production. So everyone who works in social media management should have it.