Behind the scenes of Dedeman Hotels & Resorts International's success in social media!

The increasing power of social media has enabled Dedeman Hotels & Resorts International to take its communication activities to the next level. Now let's listen to the details of Dedeman Hotels & Resorts International's success in social media from Ecem Arı...
Turkey's first international hotel chain Dedeman Hotels & Resorts International has been offering service since 1966.

They continue to serve their guests, in their hotels which are located in the most beautiful areas of the city; with their professional staff, wide range of services and unmatched quality approach unique to Dedeman. They welcome their guests who come to one of their 18 hotels all over Iraq, Kazakhstan and Turkey with the "Traditional Dedeman Hospitality".

Another reason why Dedeman has maintained its leadership in Turkish hotel management for over 50 years is undoubtedly the importance they attach to communication studies. Especially in recent years, the work they did in the social media has great importance to them.

Let's hear from Social Media Manager Ecem Arı, about the communication works that are effective in the exponential growth of the Dedeman Hotels & Resorts International family and the secret of their success in social media...

Think global, act local!

Dedeman adopted the 'think globally, act locally' approach for their communication efforts on social media from the very beginning. As a result, today they communicate with their guests through 38 different social media profiles for their 18 hotels. As you can imagine, it is not easy to manage so many social media profiles successfully. However, Dedeman managed to facilitate this difficult operation by collecting all their profiles on a single platform with RADAAR.

Publishing content regularly...

First of all, being active on all these social media platforms is a job in itself. It is very important to regularly publish content on all profiles within Dedeman in order to keep the attention of the audience alive. Dedeman uses RADAAR's Scheduler feature to run this study on an orderly basis. Thus, they can prepare the contents to be published on the profiles of all hotels that month, on a monthly calendar. Then, the prepared contents are evaluated with the managers of the hotels in different locations and put into final form. Without the need for any further action, for the approved content to be published just in time, it can be shared to all social media profiles with RADAAR.

Importance of special days...

Special days have a very important place in Dedeman's communication efforts on social media. Dedeman regularly prepares special campaigns for their followers and guests for these days. All these campaigns are planned with RADAAR's easy and understandable Special Days Calendar. Therefore, they make sure that they do not miss any special day.

At the most appropriate time, to the target audience...

It is as important as preparing quality content on social media, as well as sharing that content with the audience at the most appropriate time. At this point, Dedeman uses RADAAR's Best Time to Post feature. Consequently, the Dedeman team finds the opportunity to breathe a sigh of relief and focus on other work in the remaining time, after the content has successfully broadcasted during the hours when the audience is most active.

Too many messages to reply!

Dedeman receive messages containing a lot of questions on their Facebook, Twitter and Instagram profiles as a result of their communication efforts on social media. Responding quickly to each of these messages is very important for Dedeman's brand reputation, service quality and customer satisfaction.

Dedeman has found the solution in RADAAR's holistic Social Media Inbox, so that none of these messages are skipped, and answered quickly. Thanks to this feature, it collects and categorizes all incoming messages on a single screen. Hence, they do not have to follow and reply to these messages separately from all the platforms. It is possible to respond to similar recurring questions by taking advantage of RADAAR's Quick Replies feature.

A corporate language integrity...

For Dedeman, the consistency and continuity of the replies are as important as the rapid response to the incoming messages. As a solution, Dedeman uses RADAAR's Quick Replies feature to always answer repetitive similar questions with the same tone of voice. Thus, it provides a corporate language integrity in their communication with their guests.

The importance of being organized in teamwork...

In addition to all these, Dedeman also benefits from RADAAR's Task Manager feature for planning what to do. The Dedeman team, located in different locations, can see which work is at which stage and carry out their work in a coordinated manner. Therefore, they can continue their work as a team on a regular basis.

75% faster!

Dedeman can now complete all these hard work with RADAAR 75% faster than before. Accordingly, they save a lot of time. In the remaining time, they have the opportunity to focus more on the quality of their work.

The all-round customer support...

Thanks to RADAAR's customer support team that responds quickly, deals with every issue and produces practical solutions, Dedeman is not alone in any problem they encounter. RADAAR's customer support team not only finds solutions to problems, but also regularly meets with the Dedeman team and informs them of new developments in RADAAR. By listening to Dedeman's new needs, they work with the product team to find solutions to these needs as well.

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