Everything you need to know about Instagram!

One of the budding social media platforms that have netted a gigantic number of users is Instagram. We have dedicated this article to cast light comprehensively on its functioning, features, and everything an Instagram user needs to know!
People of this century indulge their handsome part of their time in socializing via different media platforms. One of the budding social media platforms that have netted a gigantic number of users is Instagram. It is a great social media platform that allows users to share photos, videos, and thoughts. It has a lot of interesting features that make it stand out from the rest of the social media platforms that are quite popular among all and sundry. We have dedicated this article to cast light comprehensively on its functioning, features, and everything an Instagram user needs to know! So, let us start without any ado!
Instagram can be used for social marketing as 700 million users are on this platform. It affords a huge audience for your business.

Why is Instagram marketing important?

Instagram is indubitably an astounding platform on social and we are very hopeful that marketers who have not used it yet need it badly. Instagram marketing is important because it is centered on story-telling. As we know people love storytelling and depicting your business in a story can grab the attention of a large audience to your brand and service. Visual content containing images grabs the attention of the audience and Instagram is a great platform to showcase photos of your brands and services in an engaging way.
Another great benefit of Instagram marketing is that people use to talk about or product or service, which helps to have feedback of your service. It can serve as a goldmine to determine the actual value of service in the eyes of customers.

Name some new Instagram features

Instagram has introduced some new features to amaze their user, which is the following ones;
Instagram shops.

This is a great new feature added in 2020 that allows the users to do robust and easy shopping in a more friendly way. Shops features allow one to look at the posts featuring a product, find complete details about it, and eventually make a purchase via the app.

Extended live streamers.

Owing to the pandemic, Instagram experienced a big amount of live views and as a result, the live video duration has been extended to 4 hours.

Instagram reels.

Inspired by TikTok's short-duration video feature, Instagram has also introduced the feature of creating short videos of up to 15 seconds duration with fun music pairings from other videos.

Instagram live rooms.

Instagram has introduced Instagram live rooms, a unique and new way to go live with up to 3 guests your desire. With the introduction of this amazing feature, brands and creators can approach the new audience and engage with their community.

What are Instagram guides?

The Instagram guides is a new feature rolled out by this corporation. It is the new way to share and use the content on Instagram. Instagram guides allow the users to pursue a well-selected and organized flow of posts with commentary and this feature is great for step-by-step guides, tips, and recommendations. At first, limited users could avail this feature like health and wellness advocates. But now it is available for all users.

Why should you use Instagram guides?

We should use it because it affords people access to trustworthy and authentic information and inventiveness from their desirable accounts. Guides will look in the same panel like IGTV, tag teams, and grid selection and will deliver content in an easy-to-read format that can be fed or shared to stories and posts.

How to create an Instagram guide?

• When you are on your profile, click on the plus symbol present in the upper right corner.
• Select “Guide”.
• Tap on “ Posts”.
• Now choose a post from your feed or a saved post that has been published by other accounts.
• Then tap “Next”.
• Thereafter, add your guide title and description. In case, you like to post a different cover photo, tap " change cover photo".
• Now double-check the prepopulated place name, and edit as desired,
• Tap add a place and repeat steps 4-8 till your guide is complete
• Then tap "next" in the upper right corner.
• Lastly, tap share.

There are three types of guides;

• Post guides
• Product guides
• Places guides

You can create the other two guides just by changing the 3rd step and click on either “places” or “products”.

Ways to use Instagram guides for your business. Here are some ways these guides can be benefitted in relation to promoting your business;

Create gifts

Instagram guides can be easily used to adapt product listings into gift guides for all revered and cherished days.

Gather posts under a theme

Plenty of businesses on Instagram afford multiple products and services. You can use Instagram guides to gather relevant posts together. For instance: Hot For Food posts vegan snacks, meals, desserts, and more; all these can be placed under a guide titled " Just dessert stuff".

Create a ranked list

You can also flex your bestsellers, most popular posts, or top recipes. If you want to launch or run a competition that asks participants to cast votes for their cherished ones, Publish your results in an Instagram guide format.

Share a brand story

You can create a promoting guide that rolls out new followers to your brand or product. French jewelry designer Louise Damas’ guide elaborates the company history with posts about its founder, process, unique and fine pieces, and ladies-first approach.

Provide step by step instructions

You can also form an advice series or provide how-to's on Instagram? Collect all the relevant posts and assemble them into a simple step-by-step guide. It is a great way to promote your content. For instance, Headspace collected its Money Smart Monday posts into a four-step guide on “how to get on top of your finances.”

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