Everything you need to know about social mentions!

You should concentrate on two things when developing a social media strategy for your company: how you interact with customers and how you get their feedback.
You should concentrate on two things when developing a social media strategy for your company: how you interact with customers and how you get their feedback. Just as crucial as your messaging and promotion strategies within your content are getting your audience to communicate with you on social media. A successful social media strategy must make sure that people are talking about your brand online, responding to your content, and engaging with your community. Social mentions are all of this online buzz about your brand. And it's crucial to have a strategy in place for dealing with these social mentions. Let's expand on what this means a little bit.

What are social mentions?

Any mention of your company on social media is considered a social mention. It's crucial to keep in mind that this doesn't just include mentions of your company that have tags. You aren't getting notifications for a ton of social media discussions about your brand. This is why developing a strategy for dealing with them is so important. Building brand trust and loyalty with your audience involve keeping track of all of your social mentions, not just those that directly mention your business online, and responding to them as necessary. A social mention can also occur when a user talks about your business, brand, or product on social media. Your social media page may be tagged by users on occasion, but not always. Your company's hashtags may occasionally appear in social mentions. Even if you don't have a presence on every channel, social mentions occur across all networks.

What makes social mentions important?

Therefore, your brand is being discussed online. Why is it important that you stay informed about these conversations? Knowing what others are saying about your brand is always a smart idea. You may quickly understand the positive, negative, ugly, and positive aspects of such conversations by using social mentions.

Choose the appropriate audience...

People use social networks as a forum to express themselves. When it comes to knowing your audience, they are a reliable source of data. What other topics do members of your target demographic discuss on social media? What do they do when they're not working? What most piques their interest? You'll find the answers to these queries on social media. The idea is to track down users who interact with your keyword or hashtags on social media, then follow them to learn more about their interests. This may seem time-consuming at first, and I'm not lying, it truly is, but the initial effort is worthwhile, especially as you strive to build your audience and develop personas and consumer profiles. Long-term, this will provide you suggestions on who to target, how to find new audiences, and occasionally, even regions you can expand too!


Social media is a great research tool because it is a place where ideas flourish. You can understand what appeals to your audience or reasonably predict what will appeal to them tomorrow and use that information in your marketing campaigns because you receive real-time feedback from your audience.


The most effective marketing strategy, according to McKinsey, is word of mouth. Social media is the new word-of-mouth, and the best part is that it can be tracked. It's more than just Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other similar sites. You can use it to create communities, guide conversations, and add to lively communities where you can connect with the evangelists and influencers of the future. But communities aren't limited to Facebook and Twitter. To expand your conversation, research other discussion forums like Quora, and others. Reddit, Imgur, and LinkedIn are other options worth investigating, depending on your team and product.

How to track social mentions?

Search social media mentions manually: The majority of social networks have a notification feature that will notify you whenever your brand is mentioned on social media. You'll need to open each social media account and check your notifications or alerts in order to find social mentions this way. Although each network differs slightly, they virtually all need you to first click the Notifications button before selecting the Mentions page.

Track and respond to mentions using RADAAR: Using software to monitor social media mentions saves a ton of time and assures that you don't miss anything because you can scan mentions for multiple accounts from one screen. You can track who is referencing your business on Facebook and Twitter using a built-in social mention feature in RADAAR. You can respond to these mentions in real-time without ever leaving the platform. It's a great method for staying in charge and organized.

Create an RSS feed: You may turn some social network searches into RSS feeds that you can then subscribe to in order to keep track of your social mentions by using a service like RSS.app.

Final thoughts...

Now that you are fully informed regarding social mentions, you can use RADAAR to track your social mentions and quickly respond to them.

Work together to reach inbox zero...

Work together with your team to review and respond to incoming messages, or assign a message directly to a team member.

Social Media Inbox

Build a close relation with your audience with faster response times.
The social inbox is a unified inbox of all of your social media channels messages. It allows you to see and engage in all your social conversations, mentions, comments, and messages in one place so that you can deliver responses quickly and keep your community happy. Learn more.
RADAAR lets you connect Facebook (pages), Instagram (business accounts), Twitter, and LinkedIn (company pages) with its engagement features. For now, Instagram direct messages aren't supported by the Instagram API. Only Instagram comments will appear in your inbox. Learn more.
Yes. You can easily export all your incoming messages in Excel or CSV format. Learn more.
The social inbox helps you engage with your audience across social channels by displaying all messages in one place. Also, for teams scattered across various locations, divisions, and time zones, it's crucial to have a social inbox. With the help of the mobile application it allows you to review and respond to your inbox items on your smart phone. Learn more.
You can archive or delete conversations from your inbox. If someone replies to a conversation that you've archived, the messages will appear again in your inbox. Also, the starred conversation feature allows you to bookmark specific conversations so that you can quickly refer back to them later. Learn more.
Yes. You can measure incoming conversations and messages per platform, sentiments (positive/neutral/negative), and number of handled messages. Learn more.