How can social media teams work more productively?

Social media has become a very important platform for all businesses, big or small.
Social media has become a very important platform for all businesses, big or small. Virtually all public and private sector enterprises actively use more than one social media channel. Many institutions designate specific teams for the management of their social media accounts. The number of businesses that outsource this issue is also quite high.
Regardless of whether the social media team is employed inside or outside of the business, every organization wants to get the maximum efficiency from this team. If this team works productively, it will maximize the expected gains from social media platforms. In this respect, we can discuss some important points for the efficient working of social media teams.

Accurate job descriptions are essential for social media teams

As in any department, every person working on a social media team should focus on a specific area related to social media operations. Every team member should have a balanced workload and their job descriptions should be carefully designed. Since social media accounts need to be managed and monitored 24/7, you should always keep feasible alternatives in mind in case one member of the team leaves or is unable to do the job. The typical distribution of roles within a social media team may include work such as content creation, scheduling, customer relationship management, and advertising management.

You must have guidelines for your social media operations

Social media management has become one of the main jobs for many companies today, just as much so as sales, marketing, supply chain management, or production. Therefore, it is of great importance that this process be carried out according to carefully defined guidelines.
In this context, there should be written documentation about the following subjects, if necessary, and these operational processes should be reviewed and updated frequently:

• Monthly social media analysis reports
• Sales questions
• Social media campaigns
• Customer services
• Reviews of new social networks
• Crisis management

You must have a schedule for your social media activities

A schedule should be established for all of your social media activities. Weekly, monthly, and annual plans should be designed regarding content to be created, advertisements to be placed, campaigns to be organized on social media, and so on. You should also mark on the calendar in advance the meetings where your social media team will discuss these issues.

Social media teams should hold meetings on both routine and non-routine issues

If possible, you should hold weekly and monthly meetings with all members of your social media team. The extent to which the targets set for each social media platform are being met and issues related to future efforts should be discussed in these meetings. At these meetings, all team members can present reports to their managers on their work according to the distribution of tasks.

Make the most of technology in your social media activities

Today, as in all fields, there are many advancements and new tools that have been developed for social media operations. These technological developments should be utilized as much as possible for your team to work both quickly and efficiently. This includes activities such as potential customer rankings, dynamic content creation, performance charts, advanced segmentation and filters, push notifications, and SMS campaigns.
At the same time, meetings that require team members to participate may be held remotely rather than face-to-face. For this, existing programs that facilitate free and fast communication can be used. Finally, we should note that it might be beneficial for social media teams to carry out their work using advanced project management tools. Trello, Zoho, and JIRA are some of these options.

Every member of your social media team should be an expert in his or her own field

Another point to consider when establishing a social media team is that all of the members should have expertise and experience in their own fields. In this way, work will progress much faster and all members will be able to take the right initiatives as necessary.

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