How to add links to Instagram stories?

We have dedicated this article to inculcate our readers about how we can add links to Instagram stories. So, let us start without any ado!
Instagram has overwhelmed the globe with its amazing and enthralling features. Excess of 500 million Instagram users employs Instagram story feature. It is evident that this story feature can become extremely instrumental in driving huge traffic and resonating with the audience. But, now the question is how to leverage stories for brand promotion and audience awareness. To leverage it, we must have conversance of adding links to Instagram stories with the swipe-up feature in order to promote our brand to the next levels. We have dedicated this article to inculcate our readers about how we can add links to Instagram stories. So, let us start without any ado!

What is the swipe-up feature?

Swipe up feature is an instrumental feature that enables the users to add a link to an Instagram story. The audience who wants to see the story can simply swipe up to open the link to see the content. By doing this, you can be capable of posting new exciting, and amazing content pertaining to a new product, service, or event and then prompt users to swipe up for these exciting details. This feature helps to dismantle the friction to users to interact more smoothly and easily with the brand from the stories uploaded.

Who can use swipe up on Instagram?

This swipe-up feature is aimed at brands and services and Instagram users; therefore, Instagram curtails availability to those who fulfill these three criteria: You must possess a business profile, secondly account must be verified one, and lastly you should have at least 10000 followers.

How to create an Instagram story?

Firstly tap the plus button which is located on the top-left side of your home screen in your news feed. You can also launch stories in no time by swiping right.

• From the main screen.
• Then tap the circle button present at the bottom of the screen to capture videos and hold to record a new video. In order to add photos from the storage or gallery, you have to swipe up on the screen to tap the photo icon.
• Now add the text or content you want your audience to see.
• Now tap “done” to save your story.
• Lastly, tap the story button to share the story.

How to add up Swipe up to Instagram stories?

• Firstly, check whether you have 10,000 followers and a verified account.
• Whilst uploading your Instagram story, click on the icon at the top right that seems like a chain.
• Then click on “ + click” to add a link to a web page.
• Now, type URL in the text bow to proceed further.
• Then, click “ Done” in the top right.
• Once you are all set to publish, click the " + story" button at the bottom right.

How to add a link to Instagram if you don't have 10K followers?

In case you have not amassed 10,000 followers, you need to be somewhat creative to promote off your products. Here we shall present four options to add links:

Directing your audience to an IGTV video

IGTV is an amazing application that enables you to create Instagram videos with a minimum length of 1 minute and a maximum length is 15 minutes via mobile phone and 1 hour with the aid of the web. Differing regular Instagram posts and stories, yet, allows you to add clickable links to the description of the video. Whilst stories can achieve more attention and traffic than IGTV videos, one strategy you can employ is creating a Story that promotes the IGTV video with your link. This will permit you to achieve some level of click-through from the story you uploaded.

Directing your audience to the link in your bio

Instagram permits you to drop a link in your profile bio. Often, this asset can be leveraged to list the homepage of your website. However, if you aspire to drive more traffic to your brand or page, you can add possibly the promo link and then incorporate " link in bio" in your Instagram story to lead people here.
The fundamental disadvantage, notwithstanding, is that you wouldn't have the option to advance an innumerable link at a time, so you'd need to coordinate the link you place in your profile to coordinate with the substance or content you're right now making. Both of these techniques might bring about lower transformations due to the additional steps the client needs to access the links. In any case, they're both great approaches to procure traffic from Instagram as you assemble your crowd to 10,000 followers.

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