How to make money on YouTube?

YouTube has afforded many earning opportunities to people. You can observe your surroundings having younger teens earning handsome amounts of money via different facets provided by YouTube.
YouTube has enthralled the whole globe with its variegated videos that not only entertain but also inculcate people. Apart from non-stop entertainment, YouTube has afforded many earning opportunities to people. You can observe your surroundings having younger teens earning handsome amounts of money via different facets provided by Youtube. Nowadays, YouTube stars are self-made celebrities who have earned enormous money by creating videos aimed at teaching, entertaining and inspiring people all over the world. We have dedicated this article to articulate different ways that can be exploited to earn money via YouTube. So let us start without further ado!

Ways to earn on YouTube:

Luckily, there are multiple creative ways to earn on YouTube. Let us hop into the detail:

Join the YouTube partner program...

The first way to earn on YouTube is by exploring advertisements. Whether you are desirous of making money via creating video content or without creating it, getting inducted into a partner program and setting up monetization is an essential step. By agreeing to all the monetization policies, you can apply for monetization when you have amassed 1000 subscribers and 4000 watch overs in the last year. You can be entitled to earning on YouTube when you have enabled the monetization.

Follow these steps!

• Firstly Sign in to your YouTube account which you want to monetize.
• Then click the icon of your account positioned in the top right corner.
• Thirdly, click on YouTube studio.
• Then, in the left menu, select other features> Monetization.
• Carefully read and then agree to the YouTube Partner Program terms.
• Then create a new Google AdSense account or connected an already created one.
• Lastly, set up your monetization preferences.

Is the number of views correlated to the revenue earned?

It is a widely spread misconception that the more views your video gets, the more revenue you earn. Even if your videos gain thousands of views but the viewers do not click the ads, you would not be able to make any money. However, as the YouTube premium has been launched, you do not need to count upon advertisers to create catchy ads to earn revenue. Therefore, you should try YouTube premium to get rid of creating advertisements. But if you do not adopt YouTube premium, you must have some expert designers to design beautiful advertisement thumbnails that attract the viewers.

Sell products or merchandise...

Another very effective and widely gaining prominence technique to earn on YouTube is to sell products and items. Selling items like T-shirts, coffee mugs, tote bags, snapbacks, and other sports items can earn a large revenue. Furthermore, you can go for dropshipping if you have a global customer range. Making top-notch merchandise and selling it to the buyers can create an online brand on your behalf which strengthens the relationship between you and your followers or customers. You can get crated fantabulous T-shirts designs, cup designs from exceptional talent on Fiverr and Upwork.

Crowdfund your next creative project...

Crowdfunding implies funding a project by collecting small amounts of money from a large number of people. Whether you need any assistance buying better equipment, hiring actors, or covering other production costs, you can call your audience for financial help. If your idea is provocative and compelling enough, you can enthrall a huge audience by creating an exciting video about your project articulating the project.

Work with brands as an influencer...

In the contemporary time, a deluge of brands is stepping in and tends to create a large audience to earn repute and revenue. Brands are spending gigantic amounts of money in influence marketing to make them join their team to promote their brand among their trusted audience. This can be a great opportunity for aspirants who want to earn money via YouTube. For instance, Branded Gahan, a YouTube marketing influencer, vouches for establishing your fee by observing the number of views your videos usually get and multiply it by 5 to 15 cents per view.

According to data released by Web FX, prices for influence marketing on YouTube are the following:

• $200 per video for a YouTuber with 10,000 subscribers.
• $2,000 per video for a YouTuber with 100,000 subscribers.
• $20,000 per video for a YouTuber with 1,000,000 subscribers.

The key attribute you should possess while acting as an influencer is to be transparent. One should not endorse or vouch for something one you do not like or not sure about its quality. A successful YouTube influencer is always upfront and candid about what they are doing and promoting!

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