How to test social media content to get better results?

In the current world of the internet, people run successful businesses by attracting an audience and eventually converting them into leads.
In the current world of the internet, people run successful businesses by attracting an audience and eventually converting them into leads. In this regard, content plays a crucial role by prompting the readers into buying the product. Website content serves the purpose of building brand recognition, through leadership, audience engagement, and lead generation. Keeping in view the importance of the content, it is certainly imperative to test the quality of the content so as to gain maximum results. In this article, we will cast light on the techniques of testing the content. So, let us start without any further ado!

What sort of content you can check?

Testing and measuring the quality of the content counts upon and it can be both simple and complex as you wish it to be! You can test every minor detail of your social media content posted on different social media platforms. There are a few tests, among them are the two most important ones: one is called A/B testing and the other is UTM code testing. Once you have finished testing your social media content, you can make radical steps to ameliorate the performance of your website and social media marketing.

Which social media content elements are worth checking?

Commonly, there are 11 social media content elements that can be checked to analyze its performance:

• Blog post headlines (yes, this can be considered a social media content element).
• Tweets -- images, links, text.
• Types of status updates -- text, links, video, audio.
• Images.
• Traffic to your site or blog posts.
• Posting times.
• Colors.
• Calls to action.
• Engagement.
• Number of shares or retweets.
• Number of comments.

Targeting relevant audience...

Prior to starting any social media campaign, you should be conversant with the target audience. This testing process is quite maverick and includes creating an advertisement and posting it on different segments to observe which will perform optimally.

Experiment with hashtags...

Nowadays, using a decent number of hashtags with SEO can considerably drive more traffic to your website. But, overuse can be annoying for the readers. Testing hashtags include posting content with a single hashtag and then comparing its performance with a post having multiple and different hashtags.

Test various Ad. formats...

When you are using social media marketing or advertising to boom your business, you should certainly different advertisement formats. Particularly, when we are dealing with Facebook, there are some predefined formats that work optimally for a certain type of post. We found a statement of a great Digital Marketer Edith McClung, he says,” While a carousel ad. might be for a product launch, an advertisement with 'Get directions' will work better for scoping out a restaurant. In view of this example, you can conduct testing of a certain type of post with a certain type of advertisement format.

Change up the post text...

While testing, this is perhaps the most common practice since the tone and variety of text matter a lot. There are different elements of the text that can impact the aggregate success of your post content. Here are some elements that you can test:

• Length of the post.
• Style.
• Use of emoji.
• Tone of voice.
• Use of numbers and lists.

You can test different post lengths to see which gains less bounce rate and traffic. The tone of the content should be adjusted according to the audience. Remember always proofread your content since content riddled with mistakes can be really disagreeable to the readers.

Use different images and videos...

While creating content to boost business, it is a common practice to add attractive images and videos to engage the readers. But, the same type of images and videos can not work for every social media platform. Therefore, you should test different types of videos and images on different segments of the audience to get optimal results. For instance, while conducting split testing, results show that GIFS are likely to work better on Twitter rather than regular images. Therefore, companies promulgating their products on Twitter use GIFs. There are a plethora of options in texting that includes posting content with images or content without images and content with GIFs and without them.

Shuffle with your CTAs...

Call to action is an important component of your content, yet it is often overlooked. Experiences show that varying Call To Actions can bring about different responses and you need to opt for the best that will boost traffic. Test different CTAs in your posts that make relevance to your posts and get you more clicks.

Try different headlines...

With our doubt, headlines are the most important elements of your posts as they serve as a goad to action for the readers. There are some factors related to headlines that must be tested like the length of the headline, use of numbers, style, etc. Hone your writing headline skill as it makes a great impact.

Time of posting...

If you are targeting a large audience across the world, you should post according to their perspective zones. You can not gain maximum reach until you post content according to the time zones. Try posting at different times can assist you to choose the best time to post. In this regard, you can use RADAAR to schedule your posts. RADAAR is one of the best social media post scheduling tools that efficiently takes care of all of your social media posting needs. It consists of a built-in best time to post feature that helps your drive maximum audience to your brand. Moreover, it has the feature to plan and publish the content visually. With the aid of this feature, you can find the best time and it works on Instagram data.


Split testing proves to be very effective in checking different aspects and elements of your post content. With the help of testing, one can conclude the best CTAs, headings, visuals, and times to get large traffic on the content. You should conduct such testing to get optimal results.

Preview your content before you publish!

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